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Where Do My Feet Take Me?

Where Do My Feet Take Me?

Life is an adventure. Every day comes to us with a million possibilities for change, self-discovery, friendship, love, and service. We find ourselves with choices such as-- Do we go after the next stage of our dreams? Do we do our usual routine? Do we dare try...

My God is Faithful

My God is Faithful

Story of Ptr. Gerry Seow If you start with God, you go on with Him and do not turn around and turn back. That is the biggest thing I have learned in this journey of life. When we walk with God, He surely has something up His sleeves. His blessings will follow! And...

Natagpuang Pamilya Sa Cambodia

Natagpuang Pamilya Sa Cambodia

“Kapag tinawag ka ng Panginoon, susunod ka ba?” Nabubuhay tayo sa panahaong may takot na lumabas sa nakasanayan. Nabubuhay tayo sa oras na may tengang kawali sa mga panawagan. Nabubuhay tayo sa henerasyong hirap humarap sa paninindigan. Nabubuhay tayo sa oras na ang...

3 Lessons from the Glory Walkers of Geylang

3 Lessons from the Glory Walkers of Geylang

No, Geylang isn’t known by the rest of the world to have a “church” in it. Food. Merchandise. Sex? Yes, that would be the Geylang of Singapore. If Geylang were a face, it would display people of different races – Indian, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Chinese,...

A Good Slow Climb

When I went on my first hike in 2016, I knew I had to do something more than eating, sitting, lying down, and doing simple house chores. I had to do leg workouts. Squats. Jogging. But 2018 found me back to a sedentary lifestyle. I  noticed how my belly started to form...

Glimpses of Hope in Trials

I grew up as a kid in Sunday school and met my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus there. Through the hearing of the Word, God placed a hope in my heart that beautiful things could happen to me. But at the age of eight, my parents separated. Before I finished high...

The Hem

It begins with an epiphany… I received His Word in a place where we typically don’t expect a message from God—at  a DIY public laundromat. As I was doing some laundry, I contemplated on lot of things, and I tempted to rant about them. God interrupted my thoughts and...

Pursued by the Provider

Writing a testimony for me is not easy. I never thought a story such as mine would ever bring meaning to people but I need to try... for them. I grew up with my mom and dad, a perfect family-- until the day my dad died due to cancer. After that incident, I realized...

When The Scandal Of Disgrace Meets God’s Grace

“To that person who gets to read this article, perhaps you’re at the point in your life where you feel like there’s no hope or you have no purpose anymore. I just want to let you know that if God can use an ‘Amalayer’ like me, paano ka pa?” - Paula Jamie “Amalayer”...

Love: A Broken Journey

Love is a beautiful thing to watch, but can only be understood when experienced. When I was in high school, I was secretly drawn to romantic movies. I couldn’t blatantly show my enthusiasm because I was known for being quiet (most of the time), tough, and sometimes...

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Travel Purposes: Go

Travel Purposes: Go

Like most of the youth in my generation, I yearn for the luxury known as traveling. I’ve met people who could go out of the country for vacation on a yearly basis. I’ve also met people who could get a taste of that experience only after saving up and waiting for seat...

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A Spoonful of Manna

Visiting the Poquiz Aeta Tribe (outreach ocular)

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