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It’s 2020! Many are embracing this year as a year of sharper insight; a year of 20/20 vision from the Lord. And why not? It is always good to have clarity with Him when it comes to His vision for our lives. We can say, “Father, what are Your plans for me this 2020?...

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Sofia Paderes – “Hands”

There are days when we think we were put on this earth to save others, and the moment we are unable to do any saving, we find that burden bearing more weight than we can carry. A few years ago, I discovered that I was not immune to that burden. And so I wrote.

You can’t fix it all. And that’s okay. This poem is for you.

–Sofia Paderes

God, My Matchmaker

There I was, invited to attend the 10th Anniversary of the Kachin Refugee Learning Centre. Tears streamed down my face as I witnessed batch after batch of students coming onstage to perform. I silently prayed to God and told Him that it would be impossible for me to...

From Modern-Day Jonah to God’s Missionary (Part 2)

The Testimony of George Pappachen Despite the nudge he felt to serve the Lord full time in ministry, George applied for a job in line with agriculture. A company offered him a position and he accepted it.  He started working there but  suddenly had a strange problem....

Mobangon Ta Mindanao

The One Voice Magazine Team is mobilizing relief goods to help the earthquake victims of Mindanao. Perhaps you, your family, your friends, your church, and/or your workmates can be part of this? Let’s be ONE in helping the country rise! List of relief goods that can...

From Modern-Day Jonah to God’s Missionary (Part 1)

The Testimony of George Pappachen Meeting Glory for the First Time Before becoming a missionary to the Philippines, George Pappachen was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family in India. His clan was known for its Syrian Christian heritage. George was the youngest...

Tula Ng Paralisadong Kaluluwa

Nakagagalaw, ngunit puso ay uhaw Malaya, ngunit hanggang ngayon ay ligaw Nakangingiti, ngunit sa tuna'y panglaw Nakakikita, ngunit abang ay tanglaw Sa aking paghihintay pawang tulala Anaki mo'y batong di nakagagawa Nagmistulang tuod nilang sinasamba Ngunit sa wala ay...

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Travel Purposes: Go

Travel Purposes: Go

Like most of the youth in my generation, I yearn for the luxury known as traveling. I’ve met people who could go out of the country for vacation on a yearly basis. I’ve also met people who could get a taste of that experience only after saving up and waiting for seat...

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A Spoonful of Manna

Visiting the Poquiz Aeta Tribe (outreach ocular)

OV at Singapore

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