From the scorching weather down to activities happening in One Voice Magazine, things are sizzling! First on the list is the printing of our issue, Gising Na, Pilipinas! this May. Inside are amazing articles: the stories of people and groups that have been transformed by the dynamic power of God, insights from missionaries (both local and abroad), reflections on the Church and Israel, a peek into what God is doing among our tribes in Mindanao, and the resounding call for a Jesus revolution more powerful than any missile exchange here on earth!

Gising Na, Pilipinas! Magazine Cover

It’s our absolute pleasure to bring you this issue! We invite you to pre-order a copy of Gising Na, Pilipinas! because it is FOR YOU! No matter how young or old you’ve been as a Christian, the stories in this magazine are meant to awaken you to dream for more of God in your life and in this nation. Hopefully, this issue will stir you to answer these simple questions:

  1. Am I living a life that is extraordinary, or am I just existing?
  2. Am I doing the very things God wants me to do right now?
  3. Do I complain every day, or do I have something to thank God for every day?
  4. Do I find God and the things of God exciting to me?
  5. Am I involved in building the nation—even if it starts with my street or my barangay?

We are meant to live lives that are full of purpose and passion! As Filipinos, there is so much we can do to shine God’s light into this desperate world. We have a nation to pray for, a nation to fight for, and a nation to love! People around us need to know that God is real and that He’s interested in the details of our lives. God wants to heal our wounds and take us into REAL living!

So, GISING NA, PILIPINAS! We’ve got to be involved in God’s agenda for our lives, our families, our communities, and our nation this season! It’s time to shake ourselves from the drowsy stupor of average living and to shoot for everything God has for us. 

It’s time we walk into our destiny.

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Magazine Availability

How much is the magazine?

Where can we find copies?

Each Gising Na, Pilipinas! issue is priced at P150. We’ve updated the list of bookstores where you can soon find the magazine. Please go to the tab of this website that says “Distribution” so you can see this list. 

You can also get the magazine from Shopee and Lazada through our distributor once the magazine is printed (an announcement will come out on our Facebook page. If you want to pre-order in bulk, please get in touch with us through

We will soon make a partial digital copy of the magazine available here.

You can pre-order for both your print and digital copy here:

Recent Trip to Mindanao

I just came from a teaching stint in Lanao del Norte with Joyce Anne Geronimo, one of our radio hosts, to share both heart and skill on basic journalism subjects, such as news writing, features writing, editorial writing, etc., at the North Central Mindanao College. It was an amazing time teaching selected students from their campus.

Janina and Joyce Anne teaching basic journalism subjects at Lanao del Norte
Janina and Joyce Anne teaching basic journalism subjects at Lanao del Norte
Janina and Joyce Anne teaching basic journalism subjects at Lanao del Norte

While teaching, I couldn’t help but wonder: What is the voice of Mindanao resonating with? Where is the voice of their youth? What are their stories of hope and unity? What have they learned about transformation that they can share with Luzon and the Visayas? 

Come to think of it, have we already made space for the youth in Luzon and the Visayas? Do we know what their voice resonates with?

Young Voice

One of the decisions we are making in One Voice Magazine is to open a new section on our website called “Young Voice” in the coming weeks. This is to allow students from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to publish their stories of hope, unity, and transformation with us and to help them hone their skills when it comes to the process of writing. 

If you are in high school and college—if you are a “young voice”—and you have a story that can inspire many with the goodness of God, please send it to us! Simply email: and wait for us to get back to you! 

One Voice Radio Continues  

While in Lanao del Norte, we were also able to share stories of One Voice Magazine’s journey as an organization. We also shared the reality of Jesus on campus radio DXYU 93.7 FM. This broadcast not only reverberated in the airwaves of North Central Mindanao College but also throughout Lanao del Norte and nearby Pagadian and Ozamiz. Praise God!

This broadcast was also streamed on the Facebook page of One Voice Magazine. Amazing how God is expanding the influence and impact of One Voice Magazine! Thank You, Lord!

In Luzon, our broadcasts online continue through our Facebook page. This happens every Tuesday at 8:00 PM. We are very grateful to our regular listeners who tune in from the different parts of the Philippines and other areas of the globe. It blesses us to have a supportive community like you! 

Magazine Launch

Because folks from the One Voice Magazine team come from different parts of the Philippines, we are making plans to do mini-launches in our spheres of influence. This means we shall promote the magazine and share “Young Voice” in multiple areas—areas where we live—on various dates in June! Stay tuned for more information on this! 

With all these said, let’s expect a spiritual heat wave strong enough to split the seams of the ordinary so new things can birth! As in the physical, so is the spiritual! Are we ready for the new? Are we already awake? God is on the move!

One with you in this journey of life,
Janina Marie Rivera

Janina Marie Rivera is the author of the book, A Night Bird Sings of Blindness and Fear and has co-authored the devotional, Dawns, published by OMF Literature. She is a contributing poet in the books Joyful Light and Whitmanthology: on Loss and Grief by Various Authors. She is the Editor-in-Chief of One Voice Magazine.