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Hospital visitations with Lift Babies Foundation

Description: Volunteers of WhatMag went with Lift Babies Foundation to give doughnuts, pray with patients, and spread cheer at the wards of Ospital ng Makati and the National Children’s Hospital.

Geylang Missions Trips – in partnership with Oikos Fellowship

Description: A team from WhatMag went to Geylang, Singapore, to reach out to street girls who were selling themselves on the streets. The team prayed with the girls, giving them hope– alongside cookies, chocolates, and jewelry.

Halfway house cleaning and prayer walk for street ladies with Samaritana

Description: The WhatMag team offered their help to Samaritana to clean Samaritana’s halfway house/shelter for street girls and to do whatever task was necessary (e.g.  the fixing of computer files, compartmentalizing of beads for livelihood project, floor sweeping, etc.) The team then went around Quezon Ave. for a prayer walk with former street girls.

Outreach to Bilibid Prison with FUSE Org and the Amazing Grace Church

Description: The WhatMag team partnered with FUSE Org and the Amazing Grace Church for an outreach of feeding and spreading hope to prisoners inside the Bilibid Penitentiary in Muntinlupa.

Disaster Relief Operations partnership with Operation Blessing and other groups.

Description: When Ondoy hit, the WhatMag team divided themselves individually to help existing groups in their disaster relief operations. Among these groups were Operation Blessing, Victory Christian Fellowship, etc. 

Camp Bagong Diwa Juvenile Prison

Description: With the help of the Paranaque local government, the WhatMag team went to Camp Bagong Diwa to encourage juvenile prisoners to believe in personal transformation and hope.  The team fed the youth and shared God’s love to them through storytelling and role playing.

Outreach to Street kids at Smokey Mountain

Description: The WhatMag team joined with U! Happy Events in a street kids’ outreach of giving necessities and hope. The Kuya and Ate scenario took place.

United We Rock – Partnership with Building Bridges

Description: The WhatMag team partnered with Building Bridges in the staging of a Christian concert in Alabang Town Center. This attracted a lot of youth and showed them what worship and unity meant.

Vegetable Gardening

Description: In line with the Environment theme, the WhatMag team partnered with Enfuego Christian Academy and the local government of Paranaque to plant vegetables for a needy community in BF Homes, Paranaque.

Home for the Aged Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team went to Martha’s Home, a home for the elderly in BF Homes.  The team sang, fed the elderly, and just spent time talking to them.

Hospital Visitation and Gift Giving

Description: The WhatMag team went to the Paranaque Hospital to pray for the sick and give them Bibles, grocery bags, and hope.

Cagayan de Oro Disaster Relief Operation

Description: The WhatMag team went to Cagayan de Oro to help the victims of Typhoon Sendong. For this, the team partnered with KEDRN, the mother arm of Evangelical churches in the distribution of relief goods. The team also partnered with Operation Blessing and received help from Air Phil Express for airfare. 

Outreach for Abused and Raped Women

Description: The WhatMag team went to Haven for Women to treat the ladies to an afternoon of beauty. Hair, make-up, nails, and feet were pampered as women sang songs and listened to an inspiring message about empowerment and individual uniqueness. 

Mt. Batulao Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team went to Mt. Batulao to spend time with the indigent kids at Kaylaway Elementary School by teaching them Bible lessons and giving them school textbooks, food, and toys.  The team partnered with the Unified Cavite Mountaineers Inc. for this activity and received help from organizations such as Shell Corporation and Chummy Chum Foundation.

Life in the Blood Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team had a bloodletting activity in partnership with Jollibee Bf Homes, Red Cross Muntinlupa, and The Pergola Mall.  Volunteers donated blood for the blood bank of Red Cross.

KKK Aeta Tribe Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team went to Tarlac to facilitate a medical mission and give goods, clothes, and toys to the resident Aeta tribe. A freedom march was done where the WhatMag team, the natives, the military, and the locals declared the Lord’s presence on the land.

Bohol Art for the Heart

Description: The WhatMag team partnered with the local health office of Bohol to administer art therapy as a form of trauma counselling to the children and parents of earthquake victims.

Isla Bonita Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team spent an afternoon feeding the children and some parents at Isla Bonita, an evacuation site, where Typhoon Yolanda’s displaced victims stayed in Luzon. Games were also played.

Tacloban Seed and Goodies Giving

Description: The WhatMag team went to Tacloban and gave seeds to help the farmers plant vegetables on good soil. The team also spent time giving goods and slippers to children.

The WhatMag team also organized a citywide art workshop in Tacloban called ALIVE. Partnering with the Department of Education, the local government, the churches, and the military, WhatMag offered fourteen different art workshops that included writing, photography, drums, guitar, portrait making, and other kinds of art. This was opened to delegates of all high schools and colleges in Tacloban. The goal of the workshops was to increase and enhance the students’ skills, provide psychological debriefing in the process (due to their ordeal with Yolanda), and to spread the love of Jesus to them.

Bantayan Outreach

Description: The WhatMag team went to Bantayan Island at the northernmost tip of Cebu to give toys, soccer balls, and coloring books to kids from different barangays. The team also told stories and gave craft workshops to the kids and their parents. This also served as a form of art therapy due to Typhoon Yolanda. Furthermore, the team facilitated the giving of solar powered lights to another island community nearby.

Bible Giving

Description: WhatMag has facilitated the procurement of around 42,000 Bibles to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as well as 20,000 Bibles to the church ministerial group in Cagayan de Oro. This was made possible through the generous sponsorship of The Generics Pharmacy and kind-hearted individuals.

Pastoral Training Center

Description: Deep in the mountains of Northern Cotabato, a training center for tribal pastors from the Matigsalog and Manobo tribes was built. This was financially sponsored by WhatMag through magazine sales of One Voice.