Whatmag Inc. is composed mostly of young professionals from different churches. They come from diverse backgrounds such as architecture, the academe, advertising, theater, finance, writing, and social work. They are passionate about God, life, people, and culture.

The Magazine

One Voice Magazine is a Christian youth magazine that seeks to be a voice of Godly passion in this so-what generation asking What am I here for? Who am I? What is life, really? What is knowing God all about? Do I have what it takes?

One Voice Magazine is full of real life stories of individuals seeking God and God loving them; of poems and pictures that tell of heart cries; of articles on different ministries/outreaches/volunteer work that promote hope, unity, and transformation. It is media giving people a glimpse into a Christianity that has meaning in this present generation.

The Outreaches

WhatMag Inc. has an outreach arm, which is the outlet of One Voice Magazine volunteers to live what they write. The only way writers, photographers, editors, and page designers can accurately describe their community is to engage it. The people in One Voice Magazine show what real relationships are by connecting to local government units, non-government organizations, the military, the Church, etc. and finding out how best to serve them.  This allows Christianity to be meaningful to the people and institutions around them.

Why We Speak

Vision – young people impacting their cities because they are transformed and revived in their passion to love God and to serve others

Mission – to create and publish stories of hope and transformation so that people become passionate to love God, serve others, and impact their cities

Who Listens to Us?

Young people who have lingering and meaningful questions. Some are still in school. Some have graduated from school. Some are working; some are not. Some are doing transformational work in government agencies and in the military; some have no idea if they should be involved in such things. What is common in these people is their passion to ask questions like: “What else is there to do in life?” “What am I here for?” “What now?” This market is constantly aware of Facebook, the latest phones and computers, current music, good food, cool movies, proper health, fashion trends, great hang-outs, and anything that can build their identity as people. They are a market that longs to BE SOMEONE.

Core Values

  • Transformation
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Unity
  • Consecration
  • Integrity
  • Prayer
  • Honor

Tag Line: COMM.UNITY: Real Stories of Transformation, Hope, and Unity

Things to look forward to in 2017:

  • Phone Application

 One Voice Magazine’s phone app features little snippets of life to encourage an every day word of inspiration. Stories of people who work in the front lines, as well as stories of those who work silently on personal and nationwide transformation, will be featured. The phone app will also give information regarding opportunities for volunteers and givers.  The phone app will also feature other kinds of testimonials from youth in different walks of life.

The phone app will give updates to the One Voice readers concerning WhatMag activities, and will encourage these readers weekly through memes, verses, and other posts.

  • Outreaches

One Voice Magazine will open opportunities for volunteers to reach out to tribes, ministries, and barangays whose needs vary. Volunteers will be screened and asked for their pastor’s endorsement. Briefing and prayer sessions will also happen with volunteers prior to deployment.

The volunteers will be required to write their experiences and take photographs of their mission trips.


  • Workshops

Because the primary mission of One Voice Magazine is to write and publish stories that speak of transformation, unity, and hope, One Voice Magazine will equip its volunteers and staff with a strong writing curriculum. Workshops will be given to train incoming writers. Deadlines will be given. Stories will be written.

Those involved in the writing arm will produce stories, memes, and/or adages every week for the website, phone app, and eventually the printed magazine.

Because of the partnership of One Voice Magazine with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the writing arm of One Voice Magazine will deploy writers to interview soldiers and write on the transformation of the nation.

  • Tacloban Prayer/Art Center

One of the things One Voice Magazine did in the past was to conduct a citywide arts workshop in Tacloban. We would like to continue this, but with the involvement of Tacloban’s ministerial fellowship or a local partnership of churches and/or youth group to oversee the setting of this art center. This art center will allow for prayer to be expressed in art. 

Classification of One Voice Magazine: Youth Values Magazine (Online and Print)

Language: English and Filipino

Age: 13-35

Readership: Female and Male

Frequency: Periodical website and phone application updates

                    Print Magazine: Twice a year     

Current Office: 114 Barcelona St., Northwest, BF Homes, Paranaque

Website: https://onevoicemagazine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onevoicemagazine

Email Address: info@onevoicemagazine.com

One Voice for YOU

One Voice Magazine for schools

To provide material for quality publication that is aligned with their values formation program


One Voice Magazine for churches

To serve as a tool to show God’s love to people outside the church building

To give young people inside churches a chance to connect with other young people through city work

To provide an outlet to publish the testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by God


One Voice Magazine for businesses

To provide an avenue for needed advertisement

To provide a tangible link for relationships between different establishments


One Voice Magazine for military

To provide an avenue for the transformation stories of soldiers to be written and published

To provide encouragement for soldiers needing stories of hope and unity