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Fear? Divine Justice? Faith in the Midst of Coronavirus

Fear? Divine Justice? Faith in the Midst of Coronavirus

Dear Readers, Although our letter campaign to China has ended, the coronavirus is still at large, sweeping globally and causing fear in the hearts of many. At the time of this writing, we find the National Capital Region of the Philippines bracing for a quarantine....

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It Is Well with My Soul

It Is Well with My Soul

It Is Well with My Soul Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss (Chorus by Theodore Amper) It is well! It is well! Lord we trust in Your sovereign will! Rest in God, O my soul! Take my mind, my heart, my life my...

Facing Fear During the Pandemic

Facing Fear During the Pandemic

It was only the third day of the Metro Manila lockdown. By then, I was already caught between “trying to keep it together” and giving in to my anxieties. I had so many plans this summer. I had a well-planned routine, an organized schedule, a stable job. Thanks to...

Countermeasure Against COVID-19

Countermeasure Against COVID-19

I was cooking tinola (chicken and green papaya stew), while the news was running through television. Everything I heard was virus-related. Probably to stop me from soaking in all the negativity from the news, the Lord gave me an impression. He reminded me of...

Faith over Fear

Faith over Fear By Jemilie Arboleda Nacino With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s so easy to lose heart and forget the faithfulness of God. It’s truly a terrifying and tough time to live, more so since I am pregnant. I get moments of discouragement and of being...

Things You Can Do While on Quarantine

Things You Can Do While on Quarantine Igy Zafe For some people, staying home during this quarantine period can be a form of rest. For the others who are working, this is the much-coveted opportunity to work from home. For the young people and even the young “once” or...

A Small Act of Kindness

A Small Act of Kindness By Joyce Anne Geronimo Written March 17, 2020 I woke up just like any other day in the comfort of my bed, knowing that the rest of my family were at home, safe and sound. It is the second day of the community quarantine in Metro Manila, a...

“Christ Is”–Not Crisis!

“Christ Is”— Not Crisis By Pastor Carmelo Pituc I want to share a personal experience that happened to me on March 17, 2020, in a drugstore located in Pasig City. This pharmacy implemented social distancing, so while I was outside waiting in line for my turn, the Holy...

This Is Your Finest Hour!

THIS IS YOUR FINEST HOUR! Written March 16, 2020, before the enhanced community quarantine of Metro Manila By: Rommel Agustin If you are a Christian who fears and loves God, this is your finest hour! Let me share my testimony: Early on March 16, 2020, I received a...

Video From Army

What can we do to stop the spread of the coronavirus? Watch this video as the Philippine Army addresses COVID-19.Let's cooperate with them as they enforce the community quarantine.  

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