What would it look like to begin again? What would it look like to encounter the love of God as if it were the first time? To have our hearts burn in love for Jesus as if it were “Day One” of knowing Him, and to steady our gaze and longing for the “One Day” of Jesus Christ’s return? This is a daily invitation and the heartbeat of the Jesus Revolution or JREV ConvergenZ which was held at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig last November 27-29, 2023.

The shackles loosened and the grip of death could no longer hold the generations–both young and old–as they released a cry of repentance, longing, and worship. Freedom from indifference and familiarity broke off as a love revolution took place in the hearts and minds of every person. The “fathers and mothers” called for a Revival, Revolution, and a longing for the Return of Jesus not only for the GenZ’s, but for every generation. No one was left behind because each day was an encounter of God’s presence, glory, and love.

People from all walks of life were blessed as fathers such as Ptr. Jerome Ocampo, Ptr. Ziggie Buksh, Ptr. Paul Yadao, Ptr. Hiram Pangilian, Ptr. Lathur Badoy, Ptr. Stephen Paul Ocampo, Dr. Jason Hubbard, and Dr. Leif Hetland spoke life and released empowering wisdom. GenTok, another mini-series of talks, engaged hearts as speakers such as Ptr. Annabelle Ocampo, Coach Hannah Agustin, Ptr. Charles Finney Pangilinan, Dr. Alain Dizon, Ptr. Roy Salud, Sarah Torres, and Deisiree Salud testified and gave Godly perspectives on how to live in fullness and overcome challenges faced by the GenZs and Millennials of today.

Worship ascended like a sweet offering to the Lord, filling the room with the presence and glory of God. Every generation present danced, sang, and praised Jesus. Worship teams from different regions of the Philippines such as the JREV team of Manila, Lighthouse of Davao, Destiny Ministries International of Los Baños, and Maranatha of Cebu, ushered in a new sound of Heaven and stirred an awakening to the inheritance of worship that Filipinos carry. Even babies and children did not hold back as they were lifted up by their mothers to dance on stage while holding banners of praise.

The JREV ConvergenZ 2023 was the kick-off year for a 10-year vision to continually wake up the Philippines to arise once again and to live fully from her true identity found in Christ. We are the sons and daughters of God that the earth is groaning for to be revealed (Romans. 8:19). Staying connected to the heart of Jesus awakens us to release so much love, power, creativity, and destiny that bring hope and transformation not only to the Philippines, but even to the different nations God calls us to. God is uniting every generation and empowering us to abide in Jesus so we can live fully. When we do, we no longer operate in fear but in love. Let us daily keep the fire of God’s love burning at the altar of our hearts. From there will be the sustaining fuel to live out every God-calling and dream–no longer in measure– but in fullness.

Myrthylle Karen Y. Rey

Myrthylle Karen Y. Rey is a teacher, author, worship leader, event host, and the founder of Storylife Film Productions. She longs to empower others to become creative storytellers when releasing their God-given destiny.