How does an ethnoarts workshop look like?

Here are pictures of the Ini Kos Konamin Tanong Buwis (Obo Monuvu for “This Is Our Land”) workshop that took place at the Manobisa High School in Magpet, North Cotabato, last July 11-14; 17-20, 2023. One Voice Magazine wanted to encourage the tribu, particularly the Obo Monuvu, to preserve their culture and embrace their voice.

Ini Kos Konamin Tanong Buwis allowed students, cross-cultural workers, community facilitators, and arts enthusiasts to be advocates of their cultural identity and art.  The trainees were able to:

  • appreciate and respect their own unique identity and that of different people groups
  • be keenly aware of the different art forms and the different ways they function in cultures
  • learn cultural sensitivity in cross-cultural settings
  • learn what the Scriptures teach about artistic expressions and apply these principles in specific cultural contexts
  • experience the freedom to creatively express themselves using different art forms

Dialogue between the tribal elders and the young generation of trainees took place at the workshop, allowing for the transfer of knowledge inter-generationally. Participants also enjoyed the collaboration of indigenous artists and non-IP artists to produce new creative work that was culturally relevant and representative of the sound and messages of the Obo Monuvu. As the days progressed, we witnessed the transformation of negative attitudes and judgments regarding tribal identity turn into a deep respect, love, and honor of the Obo Monuvu culture.

We would like to thank our partners, sponsors, families, and friends who made this workshop a success!

Pablo Sinagyaman Banian, IPMR (Manobisa)

Olimpio Duyan Empoc , CADTE Chairman

Nestor Duyan Lasib, CAB Officer

Roberto Saud Odag,15th Council of Manobisa (Lupon)

Palmones Odag Salumama, Tribal Member

Felizardo Takyawan Langgumes,Tribal Member

Pedro Saud Odag, Tribal Member

Pendatun Edao Sulang, Lupon/ 7th Council

Warlito Labasa Bayawanon, Lupon/7th Council

Eduardo Monterola Icnad, Tribal Chieftain

Workshop Teachers and Facilitators:

Samuel Bayawan

Norman Lanzo Landawe

Alona Emor Egboy

Junalyn Cabanlig

Tano Emboc

Ricky Emboc

Nineo Mandanuay

Dayang Pabellon

Rocelyn Madinger (Consultant)

We are thankful for the support from the Magpet East District PSDS Jemz B. Evangelio and ASDS Joven Ryan G. Malida, CESE; Miraflor O. Albios and PTA PRES ROLAND E. ODAG; SDS Romelito G. Flores, CESO V for approving the activity; CHLC coordinator Jorlie Bacag Doroon and the Manobisa High School faculty and staff.

Our deep appreciation goes to Manobisa High School, our host school for the activity; Barangay Manobisa, our target community; Dawn Watch Churches, Magpet’s ministerial fellowship; and Revival Generation, the youth group that selflessly worked on our logistics and food service.

We also salute our partners, the Summer Institute of Linguistics – Philippines, International Orality Studies, Ethnoarts Philippines, OMALRACDI, Civil-Military Operations Regiment, the Philippine Army, Military Christian Fellowship, Community of Faith Alliance Church, Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, Open Doors, FL Capili Business Consultancy Services, Light TV Foundation, and UCAP Radio. We also have a number of partners who wish to remain anonymous. You know who you are! Thank you for partnering with us!

Months after the workshop, One Voice Magazine was also able to send in various donations

in-kind to bless the Obo Monuvu tribe of Barangay Manobisa. We appreciate all of our valuable donors, as well as the Civil Military Operations Regiment and the Philippine Army for their help with the transportation of goods.

We are in AWE of God who made this workshop and the giving of gifts possible. We give Him thanks for all His goodness toward One Voice Magazine and the Obo Monuvu tribe of Barangay Manobisa!