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Should My Parents Be Involved in My Romance?

Should My Parents Be Involved in My Romance?

There I was-- broken again; my eyes puffy from another hard lesson of the heart. It was time to let go of someone who, in my opinion, was the best potential man I could ever have a relationship with. By then, I had met a good number of young men—crushes in high...

The Marawi Siege—from a Commander’s Viewpoint

The Marawi Siege—from a Commander’s Viewpoint

We start our series on “Fighting for Marawi: Soldiers Who Dare to Dream” by delving into the story of Captain Aris Gerero. Read on to relive the war through his eyes. Discover the deadliest risks in war and the priceless gains it has given the multi-awarded captain....

Our Second Chance at Love

Our Second Chance at Love

AN UNHAPPY ENDING He says: I was just fresh out of a relationship that lasted for around two years, but ended badly.  My then- girlfriend went abroad and came home after a year to break up with me.  The circumstances surrounding the break up were painful, leaving me...

Ministry or Business? (Part 1)

Ministry or Business? (Part 1)

The Testimony and Insights of Powerhouse Business Couple Peter and Jaime Teong Can one be a missionary and a businessman at the same time? “If you have been trained by the Lord all these years to be a king in the marketplace, to be a priest in the marketplace, [then]...

Why True Beauty Doesn’t Even Try

TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEAUTY A music video splashes across the screen in psychedelic colors, throbbing with imposing basslines. The star dances like she’s the most attractive goddess on earth. I sit in the comfort of my bedroom, pondering how our culture finds this...

Xmas or Christmas– Good or Bad?

By John David O. Moncada Preparing my Php150 on my way to the cashier to pay for a Christmas card which I felt was perfect to match the gift I prepared, made me remember a comment at church to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That is, not to replace the word “Christ” with...

Living in the Palm of His Hands

Living in the Palm of His Hands: a Glimpse into the Story & Music of Felson Palad and Sheena Palad Soaring. If there is one word to describe In the Palm of His Hands, it is that. The amazing vocals of the brother-sister duo, Felson Palad and Sheena Palad, lift dark...

What makes a guy a man?

By John David O Moncada The thought of writing this scared me, not so much because this is my first article for One Voice Magazine, but because as a writer, one carries a big responsibility— not just of writing, but for being who you write about. In this case, the...

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