“I’ve seen you move, you moved the mountains.
And I believe, I’ll see you do it again.”

I went on for days with these lyrics by Elevation Worship lingering in my head, from the moment I woke up, to the minute I fell asleep. I guess you could say it was just a bad case of LSS (last song syndrome), but I realized it became a silent prayer. A chant. A claim for victory.

If you’re reading this on your phone, tablet, or laptop from the comfort of your home, you’re already doing better than most during this pandemic.

While we sit here and complain about missing the outdoors, people are losing jobs. While we reminisce on all the comfort food we miss from the mall, others are still waiting for donations from their local government. While we mutter about wanting to go out and see our friends, many are losing loved ones.

The result of this virus wreaking havoc in the world may be visible, but there are still silent and invisible enemies taking ground—panic, hopelessness, desperation, fear.

As we face these enemies, it’s my prayer that this video inspires hope and encouragement amidst this crisis. May the song remind you that He who holds the stars and planets in their place, holds our lives as well.

Special thanks to Jean for helping me make this project a reality and for encouraging me to push through with it even when I struggled with second thoughts. Special thanks to the music master, Emmanuel for taking worship to another level. Thank you to Malkiel for being patient with all my questions and helping me clean up the tracks. I am so blessed to have made this quarantine collab with such anointed artists

All glory to THE MOST HIGH.

Original Artists: Elevation Worship;  Song Cover by Tobiyah Carandang, Emmanuel Lantion, and Jean Almeda

First published on May 4, 2020

Tobiyah Carandang

As long as she could remember, Tobiyah was always fond of the arts—from attending dance schools, dabbling with various musical instruments, and even joining art classes every summer. Tobiyah graduated from Slim's Fashion & Arts School, receiving her certification in Fashion Design & Dressmaking. Tobiyah currently works as an assistant to the president of Silva Crest Estate Management Inc. She is also at the helm of the Worship Ministry and a Youth leader at Lord's Christian Circle.

Emmanuel Lantion
(Musical Arrangement)

Emman is a musician at Christ Our Banner Church where he served for 15 years and is currently a Pastor and the Music Director of the said church. He obtained a diploma in Christian Music at Cathedral of Praise Music College and a diploma in Ministerial studies.

Jean Almeda
(Dance & Choreography)

Jean started her ballet training at 3 years old under the tutelage of Chippy Lontok-Dioko. She spent her youth joining dance mission trips, local and international ballet competitions. She received full scholarships from the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet and Ballet Magnificat. At the age of 15, she won 9th place at the Asian Grand Prix and was a NAMCYA Dance finalist under the guidance of Chelo Borromeo-Gemina. She received a diploma in Christian Music and a post baccalaureate diploma in Professional Events Management. She is currently in charge of the dance department at Philemon Academy Foundation Inc.