An unborn soul waits in front of a mysterious door that will reveal his fate on earth. Watch this short film by Noah Del Rosario of Blass Off Brothers, also the resident video director of One Voice Magazine!

NEXT (2018)
An official entry at the Asian competition of Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival 2018.
An official entry at the Festival de Cine Paz Mindanao 2018 in the Pluma de Paz (Main Competition) section.
An official finalist at the Asian Cinematography Awards 2020 and nominee for Best Cinematography for a Filipino Film.
An official finalist at ‘LEGACY’ The Film Club Toronto festival 2020 in the Best of Short Films category.
Screened at the “Welcome to Asian 3” Short Films Screening 2021 at Nagoya, Japan.
Streamed at the Pinoy Indie Film Festival (Vancouver) from August 1 to September 1, 2021.
An official entry at the Bitesize Film Festival 2021.
An official entry at the San Diego Filipino Film Festival 2021.
An official entry at the Free Independent Film Weekend 2021.
Screened as an Out Of Competition entry at the Sine Meridian Film Festival 2021.

Noah del Rosario

Noah del Rosario is a young filmmaker and has been involved in several projects that include short films, music videos, and commercials as a freelance director, editor, and camera operator for the past five years. He is also a collaborator and artist-in-residence for Para Sa Sining, a local collective of creative individuals and organizations that thrives through collaborative arts. He is the official videographer and occasional contributing writer and host of One Voice Magazine. Whenever he gets the chance, he paints and indulges in film photography from time to time. To check out his other works, he is on both Youtube as Blast Off! Brothers and on Instagram (@coulicath).