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Surviving the Heavy Spending World

Surviving the Heavy Spending World

An English teacher by trade, “Nino” is like most young professionals earning a living. After learning how to handle his own finances in college, he applies what experience has taught him. This may seem bizarre, but the moment I see that I’ve only got around P 2,000 in...

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Does God Have A Say in This Pandemic?

Does God Have A Say in This Pandemic?

Causes for Severe World Events All too often, when extraordinarily severe events occur (whether it be in the present or historically), some of us temporarily become Deists to a certain degree. We become quick to attribute such severe events described as tragedies,...

Peace in the Midst of the Pandemic

Peace in the Midst of the Pandemic

Uncertainties in the Pandemic Pandemic. It is such a strong word that defines our situation today. A couple of weeks prior to the big announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO), people were living their lives normally. Then everything changed when Covid19...

“NO FEAR IN LOVE”: My Thoughts and a Song

“NO FEAR IN LOVE”: My Thoughts and a Song

Written by the Daughter of A COVID-19 Frontliner There were several moments over the past few weeks when I would cry over the thought of losing Papa. He is a doctor whose specialty is in Infectious Diseases at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Perhaps I'm just...

God’s Big Backyard

God’s Big Backyard

Usually a backyard is where tattered, discarded, and forgotten possessions are placed. We keep these things behind the house to remove the eyesore in our homes. Similarly, some of our youth today have been deemed unimportant just like the things that have been thrown...

The Soldiers’ Tale

I will never complain about a bad day at work ever in my life again. At least not until I join the army. To compare your worst day at work with their worst day at work is just unbelievable. Everyone has bad days, but if you happen to be part of the Armed Forces of the...

Mentored in the Anthurium Garden

I was five. I was painting with a man in the middle of an anthurium garden. Birds were chirping while the sun drew circles of light on our skin as it peered through the leaves of the tree we were under. We sat on pots and started sketching. That moment was imprinted...

Breathe, Praise, and Live

I must have played Cops and Robbers a dozen times as a kid, but one particular game stands out in my mind as the most memorable. It is still quite vivid. I was in the robbers’ team, and I was waiting for the opening I needed to leave the base and rescue my fellow...

Ito Ang Digmaan

Ang daming beses ko nang sinabi sa langit na susuko na ako. Hindi ko na kaya. Hindi ko na magagawang kunin ang responsibilidad na binigay ng Diyos sa’kin. Masyadong mabigat. Masyadong mahirap. Ito ang digmaang minsang ko nang tinakasan at ngayo’y muling sinusuong. --...

The Girl with the Drumsticks

Being a girl and playing the drums is not usual. For a girl to be part of a band, my journey was not easy. I was constantly intimidated by men because of how they played and looked at me. I also think that men have more flexibility and swiftness in playing an...

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