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A Pure God

A Pure God

Many times we don’t like talking to God because we’re so jaded about being pure. We tell ourselves that we’re just so full of the bad stuff: bad thoughts, bad words, bad family, bad choices; basically, a bad life. We think that the idea of God listening to...

From Tragedy to Beauty

From Tragedy to Beauty

“Your wife was found-- DEAD!” The reality, shock, and pain that this news hit me with is hard to articulate. I was in my house, receiving this heart wrenching information from two policemen dressed as civilians the morning of December 26, 2003. Just two days before,...

Lifting the Gates of Samar

Lifting the Gates of Samar

The WhatMag-One Voice Magazine trip to Samar was a blessing on so many levels. First, it was the first outreach since One Voice stopped operations two years ago. Second, the outreach was held in a province rich with historical significance for the Philippines. Third,...

What About God? – by Gloryfall

What About God? - by Gloryfall A music video from gloryfall's album Blessed and Favored. "What about God?" Gives a challenge to think about what we do and try to evaluate the eternal value of our actions and our lifestyle. [youtube...

Wrapped in Your Arms

by Beiah Tudio   Author notes: After experiencing God powerfully in a youth conference, I wrote this story. Listen to Fireflight's "Wrapped in Your Arms," where the title of this story is based on. This is a work of fiction. But the Last Days are real. We are in the...

Getting Real: A Renaissance Story.

By Federico Roa The Renaissance Era in history was a period of enlightenment and rebirth. It was the climax of culture in Europe. In this age, art and science flourished, and people started to appreciate various forms of visual expression such as painting, sculpture,...

One Voice says “NO” to Yisrael Partition

One Voice stands with Israel and says "No" to the illegal partitioning of its land. To accommodate a Palestinian state within Israel's borders goes directly against the expressed will of God who gave the land to the people of Israel as a permanent possession...

Death to Life

Once, I was in a shadow of darkness; What I had was a meaningless life Like a traveller searching for answers I was a restless wanderer on Earth. Then Jesus came and pulled me by the hand, Clothed me with grace and His salvation. He redeemed my life from darkness to...

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