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A Pure God

A Pure God

Many times we don’t like talking to God because we’re so jaded about being pure. We tell ourselves that we’re just so full of the bad stuff: bad thoughts, bad words, bad family, bad choices; basically, a bad life. We think that the idea of God listening to...

In Forgiving the Church: Loving Her Unconditionally

In Forgiving the Church: Loving Her Unconditionally

In Forgiving the Church: My 4-year Journey of Loving the Church by Beiah Tudio More than any person on earth, I have a particular love for my twin sister. We literally grew up together-- from the beginning when we were still “eggs,” to right now as we struggle to find...

Will I ever change? Overcoming Agoraphobia

Will I ever change? Overcoming Agoraphobia

Overcoming Agoraphobia A faithful God in my faithlessness By Janina Rivera It’s happening again. Will I ever change? There was a time when I said these words to myself. I was struggling with fear, and it was the debilitating kind. I just wanted to stay home and stay...

Bouncing back in your relationship with Christ

Bouncing back in your relationship with Christ

  Bouncing Back by Pamela J.B. Agaloos   Being sexually pure has always been difficult, even with godly men. Both Roman Catholic priests and Evangelical leaders have been under pressure to uphold sexual purity. There are newspaper accounts riddled with stories of...

Overweight to Overcomer

By Ray Evangelista As told to Excel V. Dyquiangco I was overweight and obese all my life. The highest weight that I tipped the scales with was at 290 pounds. Because of this, I was under a lot of negative emotions — depression, shame, fear, and embarrassment. I didn’t...

Rocking Out: Live Jam Sessions

Christians can have fun too. Indeed, and Live Jam Sessions on the Rock proved just that. Conceptualized and managed by Christian volunteers under  the non-profit organization, Saltshakers Vibe Out (SVO) ministry team, this continuous event aims to reach out to the NOW...

Beauty from the Potter’s Hand

By Marco Escudero May 21, 2011-- a day when people from all over the world were thinking, actually believing, that it was the end of the world. For some, it was just a typical Saturday filled with family time, grocery shopping, or household duties. For me, it was the...

The Real Love Revolution

The body is a testament to God's creativity. It can hop, skip, run, stretch, jump, leap and bend-- all in a matter of minutes. It has neurons and veins; vessels, capillaries, and an aorta that regularly pumps blood. It begs to be marvelled at. But the daily grind of...

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