I saw shadows in my room. We prayed and rebuked the spirits of infirmity in Jesus’ name, and then the shadows were gone. I thought, “How will they announce my death? How will they tell my sons that their mom is gone?” I started composing my own obituary and said, “Is that it? Did my life count?”

Trusting God

I realized that I had never really thanked the Lord for this illness. He allowed this to happen, so He must have a purpose. Despite myself, I raised my weak hand to thank Him.
Dr. Susan came and recommended that I stay in a prone position to relieve the stress on my lungs. This particular maneuver has helped many patients, but it was quite difficult with all the tubes attached to me. I fell asleep and had a vision.

It is Well with My Soul

A Vision from the Lord

I lay prone on a glassy sea. I was worshiping and saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!” Then I thought, “Why is everything so far away? Lord, are you here?” Then I was brought to the feet of Jesus. For a moment, I saw the hem of His robe. I did not dare move or lift my head. I said, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!” Then the vision disappeared.

“Wait. Why am I seeing this? Did I die?” I slowly opened my eyes. I was still in the Urgent Care area of the Emergency Room. “Blessed assurance Jesus is mine, Oh what a foretaste of glory divine!” I was at peace and slept.

On August 8 in the morning, I sent a message to our family group chat on Facebook: “Nakaalpas na yata ako.” (I think I’m out of the woods.) I said this because when I woke up from that long sleep, I knew that I felt different. I felt better. I was hungry!

Food was still being coursed through my veins, but I was already thinking about munching a roast beef sandwich, a banh mi, or a burrito in my mouth. Later in the afternoon, I was finally transferred to a telemetry room. The telemetry room was a level below the ICU room and it had a lot of monitors that fed information to the nurses about my physical condition.

Mon was discharged and was allowed to stay with me as long as he wore the proper PPE suit and didn’t leave the room. Joy finally went home because she was not allowed to go up the COVID floors. Everything was in place. The Lord orchestrated every single detail.

Surprising Provision

That night, my sister Gigi sent me a burrito, and Jehan, my other sister, sent me salad. Every morsel of food tasted delicious. It was good to be alive! When Mon’s friends found out that they could send food to our room, they sent some day after day. One friend sent food for one day, then another friend sent food the next day. There was also another friend, who upon learning he could send food, took it upon himself to send me something to eat every single day until we were discharged. He even sent food to our house! Our neighbor remembered my sons and sent them pizza. They didn’t have to do this, but they did! I will never forget such generosity and kindness as long as I live! God provided for us, and we were truly amazed.

Victory and Healing

On August 14, I had a nightmare. Demons were ripping my face apart and blood was all over. I could not move. The enemy was trying to discourage me. I whispered, “Jesus.” And they were gone!

There is truly power in the name of Jesus!

God continued to show me His victory. Even though my progress in the Telemetry Unit was slow, my family and I celebrated every improvement in my blood tests and x-rays. The doctors slowly weaned me out of my oxygen load until I was only breathing room air.

Dr Susan Removed the High Flow Oxygent Cannula

August 15 became a special day. I was transferred from the Telemetry Unit to a regular room. The high flow oxygen cannula was removed and replaced with a regular nasal cannula. At 10:30 a.m., Mon and I watched the virtual college graduation of our son. What a blessing! We lived to see the day.

I’m Going Home Today

On August 17, Mon and I finally heard the three words we were waiting for. “For discharge tomorrow,” Dr. Jod said. Praise God! The Lord healed me! He is truly the God of victory and healing!
My name is Sandra Picache, a recipient of God’s grace and mercy, a Covid-19 survivor, a miracle.

Sandra Picache

Sandra Picache is a wife, mother of two, dentist, registered nutritionist-dietitian, and a farmer. She blogs about health and fitness at: https://sandisdiaries.wordpress.com/