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Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty

I was reading Psalm 100 a few days ago and saw an interesting description of God in verse 5: For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever(MSG) Sheer Beauty. I had to stop for a moment and think of this. What is sheer beauty? The closest picture...

The Hem

The Hem

It begins with an epiphany… I received His Word in a place where we typically don’t expect a message from God—at  a DIY public laundromat. As I was doing some laundry, I contemplated on lot of things, and I tempted to rant about them. God interrupted my thoughts and...

Pursued by the Provider

Pursued by the Provider

Writing a testimony for me is not easy. I never thought a story such as mine would ever bring meaning to people but I need to try... for them. I grew up with my mom and dad, a perfect family-- until the day my dad died due to cancer. After that incident, I realized...

When The Scandal Of Disgrace Meets God’s Grace

When The Scandal Of Disgrace Meets God’s Grace

“To that person who gets to read this article, perhaps you’re at the point in your life where you feel like there’s no hope or you have no purpose anymore. I just want to let you know that if God can use an ‘Amalayer’ like me, paano ka pa?” - Paula Jamie “Amalayer”...

Why True Beauty Doesn’t Even Try

TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEAUTY A music video splashes across the screen in psychedelic colors, throbbing with imposing basslines. The star dances like she’s the most attractive goddess on earth. I sit in the comfort of my bedroom, pondering how our culture finds this...

Xmas or Christmas– Good or Bad?

By John David O. Moncada Preparing my Php150 on my way to the cashier to pay for a Christmas card which I felt was perfect to match the gift I prepared, made me remember a comment at church to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That is, not to replace the word “Christ” with...

Living in the Palm of His Hands

Living in the Palm of His Hands: a Glimpse into the Story & Music of Felson Palad and Sheena Palad Soaring. If there is one word to describe In the Palm of His Hands, it is that. The amazing vocals of the brother-sister duo, Felson Palad and Sheena Palad, lift dark...

What makes a guy a man?

By John David O Moncada The thought of writing this scared me, not so much because this is my first article for One Voice Magazine, but because as a writer, one carries a big responsibility— not just of writing, but for being who you write about. In this case, the...

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