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Where Do My Feet Take Me?

Where Do My Feet Take Me?

Life is an adventure. Every day comes to us with a million possibilities for change, self-discovery, friendship, love, and service. We find ourselves with choices such as-- Do we go after the next stage of our dreams? Do we do our usual routine? Do we dare try...

From Fisherman to Presidential Portrait Artist

From Fisherman to Presidential Portrait Artist

I grew up familiarizing myself with the types of fish I had seen in the ocean of Jolo, Sulu. At a young age, I would join the “hulbot hulbot” (fishing boat) with the adults to fish in the sea for weeks. I was raised near the shores of Sangali, Zamboanga City. My late...

Ministry or Business? Part 2

The Testimony and Insights of Powerhouse Business Couple Peter and Jaime Teong Words by Nicole Gusto Editor’s note: Earlier this month, we released Part 1 of this article where Peter Teong’s thoughts on business and ministry were revealed. For Part 2, his wife, Jaime...

A Modern-Day Mabini

As an officer in the Special Operations Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Captain Sharco Mabini’s days may seem dulled down by routine, but to a non-soldier’s eyes, his days are nothing short of inspiring. In his 14 years of service, his daily grind is...

Captain Naomi Braza: The Supplier of Heroes to Marawi

We continue our series on “Fighting for Marawi: Soldiers Who Dare to Dream” as we honor the life and accomplishments of Captain Naomi Braza, a woman thrust into the inner workings of war as she works to uphold integrity and excellence in the military. CAPTAIN NAOMI...

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