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How Deep Are Your Wounds?

How Deep Are Your Wounds?

I remember a time when I was around six years old, and my little brother wounded himself on the heel. I saw a little hole in his skin where white solid bone peeped out. Playing nurse, I got some Betadine and cotton and tended to his wound.  After a while, my brother...

Bee Choo and Her Bicycles of Blessing

Bee Choo and Her Bicycles of Blessing

“Since You resurrected me from the dead, all I have belongs to You from now on.”
Find out how God turned a simple bicycle business into a Kingdom business in Bee Choo’s story. It is a beautiful testimony of healing from illness and of hearing from the Lord that will bring courage and strength to tired and weary souls.

Ministry or Business? Part 2

Ministry or Business? Part 2

The Testimony and Insights of Powerhouse Business Couple Peter and Jaime Teong Words by Nicole Gusto Editor’s note: Earlier this month, we released Part 1 of this article where Peter Teong’s thoughts on business and ministry were revealed. For Part 2, his wife, Jaime...

My God is Faithful

Story of Ptr. Gerry Seow If you start with God, you go on with Him and do not turn around and turn back. That is the biggest thing I have learned in this journey of life. When we walk with God, He surely has something up His sleeves. His blessings will follow! And...

Natagpuang Pamilya Sa Cambodia

“Kapag tinawag ka ng Panginoon, susunod ka ba?” Nabubuhay tayo sa panahaong may takot na lumabas sa nakasanayan. Nabubuhay tayo sa oras na may tengang kawali sa mga panawagan. Nabubuhay tayo sa henerasyong hirap humarap sa paninindigan. Nabubuhay tayo sa oras na ang...

3 Lessons from the Glory Walkers of Geylang

No, Geylang isn’t known by the rest of the world to have a “church” in it. Food. Merchandise. Sex? Yes, that would be the Geylang of Singapore. If Geylang were a face, it would display people of different races – Indian, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Chinese,...

Blooming in the Right Place

Are you where you should be according to God's will? Do your friends or colleagues help bring out the best in you through God? If not, then will you be willing to leave them if God tells you to go? Choosing your environment is very important as you grow up. Think of...

Be Strong, Be Brave!

As a musical evangelist living in a foreign land, I composed “Pain is a Victory Song” while I was living in the United States.  The song reflects the verses of Joshua 1:7-9; particularly the phrase, “be strong and be courageous.”  In these verses, the LORD was able to...

Stepping into the EthnoArts

"So, what do you do as missionaries?” “We do EthnoArts work.” Whenever we get to this point in conversations, we almost always launch into a mini-lecture about what we do in the field. When people hear words like “church planter,” or “outreach volunteer,” they seem to...

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