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Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty

I was reading Psalm 100 a few days ago and saw an interesting description of God in verse 5: For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever(MSG) Sheer Beauty. I had to stop for a moment and think of this. What is sheer beauty? The closest picture...

Why True Beauty Doesn’t Even Try

Why True Beauty Doesn’t Even Try

TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEAUTY A music video splashes across the screen in psychedelic colors, throbbing with imposing basslines. The star dances like she’s the most attractive goddess on earth. I sit in the comfort of my bedroom, pondering how our culture finds this...

Xmas or Christmas– Good or Bad?

Xmas or Christmas– Good or Bad?

By John David O. Moncada Preparing my Php150 on my way to the cashier to pay for a Christmas card which I felt was perfect to match the gift I prepared, made me remember a comment at church to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That is, not to replace the word “Christ” with...

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What Dog Collars Taught Me About God’s Love

DOG LOVERS WILL UNDERSTAND THIS It’s hard not to love dogs. How can someone not love a bunch of warm, living stuffed “toys” you could hug all day?  What’s not to love about their goofy smiles, ecstatic tails, and unconditional love?   Their eyes focus on you and only...

Tao Rin Ang Anino

“…at darating ang araw na s’ya rin ay mamumukadkad, sisilay sa nakakubling liwanag– titingala-maipipinta ang saya...magniningning at masasaksihan ng mundo ang sarili n’yang  ganda.” Kapirasong linya mula sa sulating pinaglipasan na ng panahon. Sa higit na 300 salitang...

Prodigal Son

The pigs aren’t his family. But he smells like a pig, is as filthy as a pig, and worse, eats like a pig. No, he doesn’t eat like some gluttonous swine, but he dines with them as if they share a table. Today’s menu is slightly out of routine:  moldy leftovers and this...

Facing a Lion, a Bear, and a Goliath

By Drake Nikko Buzeta Assistant Pastor, WIN Better Living Read 1 Samuel 17:31-37 There was once a church in Germany that was forced to close down. Because of this, the pastor had to look for a job to support his family. One day, he was going through the classified ads...

Slave to Son

The slave is a mere child born into a heritage of chains. He drags his bare feet across the hot ground, scabs on his knees, scratches on his arms. He owns nothing except the dusty tunic hanging like an oversized sack on his famished frame. He is no one. He is no...

Ayos Na, Naayos Pa!

Tapik ng bahagya sa balikat Bitaw ang salitang “ikaw ay sapat!” Hindi aawas, hindi rin kapos Basta’t ikaw ay ikaw-- tapos! Hilig sa pagmamahal ng pamilya Na kung sa suporta ay sobra-sobra Isabay pa ang mga kadugong may tiwala Sa aking kakayahang hindi lubos inakala...

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