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How Deep Are Your Wounds?

How Deep Are Your Wounds?

I remember a time when I was around six years old, and my little brother wounded himself on the heel. I saw a little hole in his skin where white solid bone peeped out. Playing nurse, I got some Betadine and cotton and tended to his wound.  After a while, my brother...

Blooming in the Right Place

Blooming in the Right Place

Are you where you should be according to God's will? Do your friends or colleagues help bring out the best in you through God? If not, then will you be willing to leave them if God tells you to go? Choosing your environment is very important as you grow up. Think of...

Be Strong, Be Brave!

Be Strong, Be Brave!

As a musical evangelist living in a foreign land, I composed “Pain is a Victory Song” while I was living in the United States.  The song reflects the verses of Joshua 1:7-9; particularly the phrase, “be strong and be courageous.”  In these verses, the LORD was able to...

Stepping into the EthnoArts

Stepping into the EthnoArts

"So, what do you do as missionaries?” “We do EthnoArts work.” Whenever we get to this point in conversations, we almost always launch into a mini-lecture about what we do in the field. When people hear words like “church planter,” or “outreach volunteer,” they seem to...

When Home Ceases to Be Home

I woke up and I forgot where I was. A miniature panic attack took place within me for a matter of seconds 1...2...3... Slowly, I remembered. This was not my pillow; it was too squishy and round. My real blanket had embroidered details of white flowers, not printed...

You Are Not An Orphan

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” – John 1:12 Have you ever lost a father? I did. They say fathers play a significant role in our lives. Researchers have found that those who grow up...

Project GIVE: Sponsor Lorna Balintay’s Education

Lorna Balintay is from Sitio Poquiz, Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac.  She is an Aeta native, married and with two kids in high school. Despite caring for her family, she is determined to pursue and finish her education. She went back to school and is currently...

Stubborn Love

I was born in Manila. My mom later found out that my dad was married and had a family. We left him and went to the province. My mom later married a widower who had four children-- two boys and one girl. The eldest had previously left for Manila. I accepted these...


Instrumento, iba’t ibang hugis Iba’t ibang kulay, Iba’t ibang laki Iba’t ibang gamit Instrumento, minsan maayos Minsan ay nagkakagalos Minsan maganda sa labas, Ngunit palyado ang tugtog Instrumento, ito marahil ay ikaw at ako Tugtugin mo ang awit ng kaligtasan Ligaw...

This Is Not About You

In March of 2016, I was a pretty typical nineteen-year-old: I went to church regularly, worked hard, and had dreams of the future. Although things were rough with my family at times, I had a great group of friends I hung out with, and my job was becoming my life.  I...

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