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The Stuff of DREAMS

The Stuff of DREAMS

Dreams. When we were little, we were filled with them. Whether we wanted to be an airline pilot, a soldier, a singer, a chef, a truck driver, or a garbage collector, we came alive when we spoke about the future versions of us or the future things we’d accomplish. It...

Jerusalem of Gold

Jerusalem of Gold

The Bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In this performance video, Maestro Alvaro Sanchez plays "Jerusalem of Gold," an Israeli song written by Naomi Shemer. Rev. Alvaro “The Maestro” Sanchez is a master musician, conductor, and soloist whose...

The Blessing of Jacob’s Cafe

The Blessing of Jacob’s Cafe

THE VISION Huddled together in fervent prayer during one of their regular meetings, Lim Tow Soon suddenly saw in his vision the word “Jacob.” He and his cell group/ Bible study group were  praying for quite some time already, seeking God’s counsel on what name they...

“Flamenco Meditation” by Rev. Alvaro Sanchez

“Flamenco Meditation” by Rev. Alvaro Sanchez

Rev. Alvaro “The Maestro” Sanchez is a master musician, conductor, and soloist whose performances have impacted and wowed audiences worldwide. Born and raised in Colombia, he picked up the guitar at a very young age and has been specializing in it ever since. He...

While I Wait for My Dreams

When Dreams Are Galaxies I see it in my head. The night sky expands above me. Infinite. Vast. Unknown, yet altogether familiar. Galaxies stretch in dazzling colors. Burning auburns fleck with comets. Hazy pinks and purples crown with stars like diamonds. Thunderous...

Surrendering My Dreams for God’s Dreams

Bilang isang Millenial, after graduation, ang taas talaga ng pangarap ko. After maka-graduate ng Bachelor of Elemantary Education, mag-take ng Licensure Exam for Teachers and pass it, makapag-trabaho as a teacher sa isang school, mag-take ng Master’s degree and then...

Dreams: the Mind’s Place of Journey & Rest

If you think you’ve completely lost the creativity you had during childhood, your dreams prove otherwise. In dreams, you journey to distant or strange places and create amazing stories, most of which you forget in the morning. When you dream, you do things you would...

Kapatid, Kasama mo ‘Ko 2

DAY1 The One Voice Magazine team rose bright and early to converge at the Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR) Headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, at 8 a.m. We were an excited bunch, wide-eyed and animated, our arms carrying sleeping bags and backpacks....

Backstage No More

Have you ever thought of how your parents came up with your name? People usually call me “Aiah,” but my real name is nothing close to it. I’d like to share the story of how I came to appreciate my real name more. And then maybe, I shall reveal my real name at the end...

Bee Choo and Her Bicycles of Blessing

“Since You resurrected me from the dead, all I have belongs to You from now on.”
Find out how God turned a simple bicycle business into a Kingdom business in Bee Choo’s story. It is a beautiful testimony of healing from illness and of hearing from the Lord that will bring courage and strength to tired and weary souls.

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