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That Kind of Love: A Valentine’s Day Message

That Kind of Love: A Valentine’s Day Message

Dear Readers, I had written something earlier in time for Valentine’s Day, but when I woke up this morning, I just knew I had to write again. Many of you who are reading this are students or are in their twenties. Perhaps you have had an experience or two in the area...

When Home Ceases to Be Home

When Home Ceases to Be Home

I woke up and I forgot where I was. A miniature panic attack took place within me for a matter of seconds 1...2...3... Slowly, I remembered. This was not my pillow; it was too squishy and round. My real blanket had embroidered details of white flowers, not printed...

You Are Not An Orphan

You Are Not An Orphan

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” – John 1:12 Have you ever lost a father? I did. They say fathers play a significant role in our lives. Researchers have found that those who grow up...

Project GIVE: Sponsor Lorna Balintay’s Education

Project GIVE: Sponsor Lorna Balintay’s Education

Lorna Balintay is from Sitio Poquiz, Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac.  She is an Aeta native, married and with two kids in high school. Despite caring for her family, she is determined to pursue and finish her education. She went back to school and is currently...

Sa Mundong Ang Gusto Ay Ikaw Ang Gustuhin

Tagong mga ngiti, sabay hawi sa pisngi Ganoon pa rin ang tanawin— Kayganda— mahusay— kapuri-puri, Ayun ang nakita ko sa’yong mga gawi Tagong mga pagsulyap, tila ba’y nakasanayan na Mag-uusap na parang wala lang, Sisilay sa’yong mga matang nangungusap Tanaw ko ang...

The Deal with Singlehood

Valentine’s Day. We know it as the day of hearts. Love Day. For some single people, it has become  SINGLE AWARENESS DAY. For other single people, it is THANK YOU, LORD, I’M SINGLE! Day. You heard me right. First, let’s strengthen this fact: being SINGLE doesn’t mean...

The Story Of Us – Part 1: The Man’s Point of View

Marriage. It is a beautiful bond that unites a man and a woman. Some see marriage as a serious thing, while others think of it as just another label. Marriage brings out the best in us and the worst. – The Story Of Us – Part 1: The Man’s Point of View

Why True Beauty Doesn’t Even Try

TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEAUTY A music video splashes across the screen in psychedelic colors, throbbing with imposing basslines. The star dances like she’s the most attractive goddess on earth. I sit in the comfort of my bedroom, pondering how our culture finds this...

Xmas or Christmas– Good or Bad?

By John David O. Moncada Preparing my Php150 on my way to the cashier to pay for a Christmas card which I felt was perfect to match the gift I prepared, made me remember a comment at church to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That is, not to replace the word “Christ” with...

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