Makati Lighthouse

In the heart of Makati City, amidst the lively streets and towering buildings, there’s a place close to my heart– the Makati Lighthouse. We at Makati Lighthouse are more than just a group of people who are connected to Makati City; we are a gathering of people who share a common purpose: to represent our city through worship, fellowship, service, and obedience to the teachings of the Lord. We’re not limited to a single church; we’re a diverse group from various congregations—all with a shared vision of bringing the Kingdom of God to our beloved city.

Makati Lighthouse began with a simple act of obedience to a divine calling. The Lord’s message was clear – in every corner of the Philippines, in every city and province, there must be a place for prayer and praise. This vision was inspired by Matthew 5:14: “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden…” This verse fills our hearts with the desire to be a beacon of light in our community. We long for revival in Makati City, a place where the King of Glory can find a warm welcome.

How We Began

This incredible journey started with a handful of friends who, like me, shared a burning desire to witness the Lord’s transformative work in our city. We started by meeting together in my house where we could belong, share our burdens, find strength in one another, and pray for our city. Soon after, friends working within Makati who had the same desire and who heard the burden of the Lord for the city began to connect with the group. We are now the recognized community outreach of Christ the Living Stone Christian Fellowship – University Belt, and together, we have become a community dedicated to listening and following God’s guidance.

Our Activities

Our activities at Makati Lighthouse reflect our identity as a place of praise. Over the past years, we’ve embarked on various evangelism activities—sharing God’s word in the bustling tunnels of Ayala Ave., organizing community pantries during the pandemic, teaching young children in Makati the Word of God, and holding evangelical outreaches in barangays and at some point, a party in Jollibee Bautista where we invited people in the area and shared the gospel to them. Each step we take is guided by the grace of God, a constant reminder to move only in alignment with His divine instruction.

In a city teeming with distractions, the light of the Lord is finding its place. Makati Lighthouse isn’t confined to a single spot or person. It’s the lunchtime cell group, the colleague sharing the gospel, the kind gesture on a crowded bus, and our Tuesday gatherings of worship and prayer. It’s the collective effort of churches, empowering Makati residents to hunger and thirst for God. We stand as a beacon of light over the city.

Being a Lighthouse

Wherever the light of our Lord Jesus Christ shines, that is a lighthouse. Our call is to watch over the city and to stand in the gap on behalf of our city. We watch and pray, making sure that the incense of worship does not stop burning in this city. We know the Lord is preparing His harvest in this city, and that revival is just around the corner.

Our story at Makati Lighthouse is a testament to the power of unity, obedience, and an unwavering belief in God’s promises. It’s a tale of ordinary people bound by an extraordinary vision, illuminating the city with the love and glory of the Lord. May our journey continue to inspire and bless the hearts of many.

Samuel Vytiaco

Samuel Vytiaco, aside from serving through Makati Lighthouse, is a husband and father of two and is also actively a part of Christ the Living Stone Fellowship’s worship team.

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