It’s hard not to love dogs.

How can someone not love a bunch of warm, living stuffed “toys” you could hug all day?  What’s not to love about their goofy smiles, ecstatic tails, and unconditional love?   Their eyes focus on you and only you. A dog will come bounding from the stairs when you enter. It will adore you, lick your feet, and jump for joy like you were Heaven’s best gift next to bacon. “I love you, Master!” The dog will bark. “I love you! Rub my tummy please!”

I testify that canines are this genuine because I happen to be the Hooman Master of two dogs, Pam and Khloe.


Khloe and Pam

Khloe and Pam

Pam is my four-year old mixed breed. She’s 25% Pitbull, 50% Labrador, and 35% of Askal origin. She resembles a miniature Labrador with trademark floppy ears, dark eyes, and the cream colored coat. What sets her apart is her short tail. It’s not as majestic as the fluffy tails of pure Labs! It is hilariously short and thick, swishing back and forth like a happy wiper.

Her daughter, Khloe, is a 1 year old mixed Golden-Retriever. She’s a pretty pup with golden eyes, freckles, and a pink nose. She would’ve been a model canine if it weren’t for the Swimmer’s Syndrome causing her legs to splay. And unlike Pam, Khloe has no distinct tail, but only a furry bun. It wiggles instead of wags, bopping like a rabbit’s butt. These little abnormalities make them endearing.


A few weeks ago, I realized they didn’t own sturdy collars. (They chewed off the previous ones.) With the advent of typhoon warnings, I was afraid they’d get lost when an emergency struck.

“I need to buy new collars.” I decided. “If they get lost, how will people know they belonged to me?”

I bought Khloe a royal purple collar, while Pam got the bright scarlet one. Regal collars for my furry princesses! Upon wearing my gifts, my babies looked like different canines altogether. They no longer looked like ordinary strays. The collars were my mark of ownership. And if they got lost, everyone would know….these ones were mine.

It hit how me how God must love us the same way.


In God’s book, once you surrender your life to enter into a relationship with Him, you belong to His family. You no longer fend for yourself. You now belong to the Lover who loves you into wholeness. There is no such thing as being out of place anymore. He claims you as His! God looks at you like a Father gazing upon His prized possession, His baby, and He says, “You’re Mine. You’ll always be mine.”

Isaiah 43:1 – But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob,   he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.


Did you know that once you’re in God’s family, He places a seal of approval on you? A certificate of adoption, a mark that you’re His? (2 Corinthians 1:22)  He places His Holy Spirit in you, singling you out like a star from the rest of the world. He signifies to everyone with pride, “Hey, this one is Mine. “ You’re no longer a nameless stray, but a child marked with favor. And unlike earthly families, God will never disown His children.

You might wander around and become lost (like some dogs), but He will search for you. He will pursue you. And His mark of ownership (like my dog’s collars) remains (John 10:28). If you are lost, you will always have the open invitation to run back to Him.

Pam and Khloe liked their new Collars. They gazed at me with the same heart-melting eyes, this time my mark of ownership upon them. I love how they’re set apart for me.

I love how God is the same way with us.

Nicole is part-nerd and part-artist. She’s a passionate speech pathologist, writer, dreamer, occasional ventriloquist, and a total geek for stories. She dances through words and writes to speak life to readers. She also regularly blogs at