A Testimony from One Voice Missions Trip last May 5-12, 2019

 It was in 2013 when I dreamt twice that  one day, my feet would take me to Singapore. After 6 years, that dream came to its fulfillment. I have been to different mission trips in and out of the Philippines since 2016, and every mission trip has a significant lesson that taught me and marked me in my journey with God.

At first, I thought that it would be us from One Voice Magazine who would bless the nation of Singapore, but it was the other way around! It was the people in Singapore who blessed us beyond measure. I took it as a time of receiving more from the Lord. I realized during the trip that as a person’s heart intends to bless other people, God will surely bless him/her beyond personal expectations.

The Streets of Geylang, Singapore

The Streets of Geylang, Singapore

The Oikos Fellowship in Geylang hosted us during our stay in Singapore. It was not a big church. They have a room good enough to accommodate 30-40 people in a service. The number of the church may be small, but they have had an impact in Geylang  for years. Pastor Gerry, the leader of the church, said to us, “I do not believe in number. I believe in impact.” I am so amazed by how a small church could create big impact in the lives of the people in Geylang.

Impact in the Red-Light District

One of the most remarkable moments I had in Singapore was the Glory Walk. It is always done every Wednesday evening in the streets of Geylang. During the Glory Walk, people from Oikos Fellowship give a variety of goodies to the people on the streets, especially to the prostitutes and the brothel owners.

The Church of Geylang and their Glory Walk

The Church of Geylang and their Glory Walk

At night, the streets of Geylang come alive because of the  different lights displayed in the establishments. It is the time when some brothel owners, migrant workers, and some prostitutes go out into the streets.

I joined the Glory Walk with people my age! Most of them were millennials like me! Their ages were somewhere between 22 to 25 years old. I was so amazed by  their consistency and intentionality to reach out to the brothel owners and to the prostitutes in Geylang by giving them goodies and even praying for them. These young people, despite their age, are shedding light into the dark lorongs of Geylang.

The Glory Walk really made its mark in terms of reaching out to people. I realized it really takes consistency and intentionality in order to create impact in the lives of the people to whom we are reaching out. Creating impact in the lives of the people takes time, patience, and the character of Christ.

Impact in Elderly Community

Aside from meeting young people during the Glory Walk, I also met Auntie Audrey. She is one of the church leaders in Oikos Fellowship. I was amazed at the impact of her ministry! She aims to make the twilight years of the senior citizens more enjoyable and meaningful by offering to help clean the houses of the senior citizens for free. Every Sunday afternoon, she gathers the senior citizens around Pipit Road for a time of fellowship and to share the Word of God. Even though she is already in her seventies, she is still on fire to win souls for Christ and to manifest the light of Christ to the senior citizens to whom she is reaching out. Indeed, age doesn’t matter when it comes to creating impact for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Elderly Ministry Site

The Elderly Ministry Site

Impact of Fellow Christians

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35 ESV

Our trip  to Singapore marked my life in such a different way. The Singaporean Christians we met were not faking Christianity. They are living it out by loving the brothel owners, the prostitutes, and the senior citizens just as Jesus did. If Jesus were in Geylang, He would probably do the same. I want to emulate the way they reach out to people with love.

As I ponder this further, I realize that the Christian life is not only about going to church, but in living out the way Jesus loved us.  Christianity is not meant to be just head knowledge. It is to reflect how Jesus loved us unconditionally despite our sins. The challenge and the question for us is this: Do I reflect the love of Christ to the people around me?  My prayer is that we embody Jesus’ love  to the people around us.

Igy Zafe

Igy Zafe dreams of seeing Rev. 7:9 in his generation. He is actively mobilizing the Body of Christ through the Kairos Course. He is also the Administrative Staff of JIL U-Belt and the Layout Artist of One Voice Magazine.