Do you have “issues” in life, ones that have drained the life in you, ones that have taken the joy out of you. Are you struggling with these issues to the point that you have already done everything you know possible and still fail, seeing yourself on the same “issue” again. Are we asking “when will this end”, “I can’t take this anymore” or “I give up, there’s no hope.” Did we have the thought that “By this time in my life, I should be a supervisor, I should have this house, I should be working for this company, my health should be restored, this sin¬†should be overcomed, my heart should’ve been healed, by this time… by this time” but it still hasn’t.

If he answer is yes then we have to do what this woman in Matthew 9:20-23 did. The woman had several choices:

  1. Do nothing, “I won’t get healed, never mind, there’s nothing I can do.
  2. Think negatively, “There are too many people here and Jesus won’t even notice me, it’s a really long shot.”
  3. Have faith, “IAnchorf I can just touch his robe.”

The woman chose the third option, she believed that a touch of God will make everything better, and she was right, she was made whole from that moment.

Jesus loves you so much that he wants every hurt gone, every disease healed, every struggle overcomed, every sin defeated. We are all broken people and only God can make us whole.

Your past doesn’t matter, as well as your current circumstances or failures, just give it all up to Jesus, what matters is touching Him with faith and experience the miracle of life change.