Miracles Since My Infancy

When my mother was three months pregnant, she had a miscarriage—the baby inside her was pronounced dead. The doctor immediately came to attend to her. After a few minutes, the doctor surprisingly heard a heartbeat. My mom couldn’t help but shout for joy. She did not lose the baby; she was, in fact, carrying twins! And the reason why I am here, testifying to God’s goodness, is because the Lord protected me while I was still in my mother’s womb.

God’s miracle in my life did not stop there. When I was born, the doctor noticed that the umbilical cord was coiled around my neck. This made everyone in the operating room think I was already dead. I was no longer breathing, and my skin color had turned purple. Close to giving up, they still tried to revive me, and a few minutes later, I started crying. I was alive, and I am more than alive now because the LIFE God has given me is UNSTOPPABLE!

Spiraling in My Youth

I came from a Christian and an OFW family. My family migrated to Dubai when I was 2 months old. My father had a decent job, and we had a luxurious lifestyle until my father got ill. My parents then decided to return to the Philippines. I, together with my three married sisters and their respective families, were left in Dubai.

After my high school graduation, I went to work to meet the needs of my family. Consequently, I was not able to earn a college degree.

While working, I loved the company of my friends. I enjoyed smoking, drinking, and partying with them. Despite my busy schedule at work, I still managed to hang out with the wrong crowd. I ended up turning my back on God.

Raped and Shamed

One night, I was invited to a party. I made sure that I was not going to drink more than two glasses of alcohol, but something bad happened. When I arrived after midnight, my friends noticed that I disappeared for a while.

I ended up waking up in a bathroom with the man who invited me to that party. I was not aware of what had happened until I saw myself on the floor, naked and bleeding. I was weak and in pain. I couldn’t remember exactly what had happened that night. All I knew was that I was drugged and raped.

Because of so much shame and pain, I heard a voice from the devil saying, “Krizzia, magpakamatay ka na! Magpkamatay ka na! Krizzia, magpakamatay ka!” Without any hesitation, I listened to that voice and attempted suicide. I was ready to die and enter hell. However, a few moments later, I heard another voice saying, “Anak, lumaban ka! Kasama mo ako!”

It was only God who could call me “Anak”, and to my surprise, I survived.

Unfortunately, when I finally found the courage to tell my sister about what happened, it was too late. Three days had already passed. We reported the rape to the police, but my medical tests did not confirm that I was drugged.

Kate with her sisters in Dubai

The situation became even harder.

My friends condemned me for reporting the incident to the authorities. I was accused of being selfish and a flirt by those I considered friends. Still, my family stood by me, and the man was sent to prison.

I had been running from God for a long time. I had been unfaithful and rebellious. As I prayed one night, alone in my room, the Lord told me that I had to forgive the man who raped me. I didn’t want to do that, and I started crying out to God. It’s only by His grace that I was able to forgive later on.

Facing Prison in a Foreign Country

Months passed, and I found myself involved in a “Boyfriend Case.” In Dubai, a woman committing premarital sex with a man can be punished. My perpetrator’s friends falsely accused me of being a prostitute.

During my one-month stay in prison, I was able to lead Muslim women of different nationalities to the Lord through prayers and Bible studies. I did not seek out these women; instead, they would go to me and ask me to pray for them. I realized that God wanted me to share the Gospel inside the prison before I was to be deported to the Philippines.

I told myself, “Mas naunawaan ko na ang grace ni Lord. I have learned to love my enemies.” If God is for us, who can be against us?

I served a month in prison and was eventually deported.

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Krizzia Kate Yuzon

Krizzia Kate D. Yuzon is a youth pastor from the Church of God, Imus. She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Theology from the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries. She is a servant of Jesus Christ and is involved in the Ampersand Mental Health Awareness Campaign BOD.