The Story of Krizzia Kate Yuzon

Picking up the Broken Pieces

After my deportation, I finally had the chance to tell the whole story to my parents. They were devastated, broken, and speechless when they heard what had happened to me.

Until now, I can still vividly remember the case number identifying me during my imprisonment. That case number bears all of my records from Dubai, and I carried it with me for two years. That case number was 03471.

During those two years, I was without any freedom. My life was in chaos. At that time, I just surrendered my life’s dream, goals, and future–if I even had one–to God. I felt so hopeless. I carried the burden to the point that I no longer saw life as pleasurable.

However, when I was deported back to the Philippines, God spoke to my heart. “Daughter, I want you to preach my Gospel to the unreached.” And I asked, “HOW?”

Kate attended the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries.

Redeemed and Restored

In the Philippines, God led me to a Bible School called the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM). I inquired about their programs and completed the process for admission. As I was going through the enrollment process, I claimed my student identification number (ID).

When the Admissions personnel handed me my student ID, I was completely surprised! My student ID number was 03417. It was almost identical to my case number in Dubai (03471), with the last two digits reversed.

I thought it was a joke. Suddenly, everything dawned on me. It was a sweet way for God to remind me that what had happened in Dubai was now being reversed, and that I was a redeemed daughter of the King. My sorrow turned to joy! He reminded me that He was with me, and that He is still with me.

Kate doing prison ministry.

Living Out the Calling

We have the privilege of bringing the good news to those who need it. It’s a calling that doesn’t require being in ministry to live out. Anyone can be a missionary in whatever job he or she is in.

Personally, the reward of doing ministry has been great. I’ve seen people overcome addictions, affairs, and strongholds of sin because of the power of Jesus. To be so close and see the raw transformation of people is a humbling honor. Truly, one of the best aspects of being a minister is that it has allowed me to see different facets of God as He Himself ministers to His people.

In prisons, we endure physical abuse and degradation. But to me, one way of getting through it is to serve God and others. When I was first imprisoned, I never thought that I could serve God behind bars and still be unstoppable. Indeed, it was only by His Grace. The moment that I understood it, I became more unstoppable in reaching out and being God’s vessel to set the captives free.

When the Apostle Paul was doing his ministry, God didn’t make it perfect for him along his journey. Paul experienced tragic situations and unending obstacles while having a “thorn in the flesh.” In my life, God has brought greater things out of my wrong turns. He picked me up and redirected me. My desire is not only to be unstoppable in serving God; my desire is not to give up when it comes to denying myself and carrying my own cross. In my surrender, I  have found true freedom. I have found the real meaning and purpose of life.

I know that I am not alone. There are many others like me who have experienced personal tragedies, yet still choose to serve  the Lord through serving others.

Despite being raped and imprisoned, I have become unstoppable in serving God. I have endured and conquered great adversities to serve the Lord, and I will continue to do so until His return.

Krizzia Kate Yuzon

Krizzia Kate D. Yuzon is a youth pastor from the Church of God, Imus. She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Theology from the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries. She is a servant of Jesus Christ and is involved in the Ampersand Mental Health Awareness Campaign BOD.