The Testimony and Insights of Powerhouse Business Couple Peter and Jaime Teong
Words by Nicole Gusto

Editor’s note: Earlier this month, we released Part 1 of this article where Peter Teong’s thoughts on business and ministry were revealed. For Part 2, his wife, Jaime Teong, gives us her opinion on this important topic. 

The Right Kind of Business

For revival to happen in the marketplace, business must be executed differently. The Kingdom ways of business is a complete paradigm shift from the world’s ways of multiplying money.

“Every time you [do] this model [or] management method, you run into human folly.” Jaime  Teong said, recalling her experience with corporate work. ”I saw the flaws of management thinking. I saw the failures of trying to do things the scientific way, [and] I was sick of the wrongdoings in the workplace… The question I had was ‘What works?’”

The 57 year old businesswoman discovered the answer herself as she walked with God into the hallways of her office and into the streets of nations.

Kingdom-minded, prolific work entails depending on God and doing it His way.

“What makes methodologies a success is when you follow all the values and all the laws of God. You no longer build your [own] tower [of] Babel.” She advised, noting how holy business is dedicated to Him first. “The methodologies in themselves are nothing. It’s really the empowerment of God to get things done.”

Sons and Daughters of the Living God are called to come out of Babylon, the Bible’s metaphorical and literal kingdom of worldly thinking and fleshly culture. The King’s children are called to consecrate themselves to holiness, albeit in mundane daily living or in the hectic, corporate one.

“[When you do business for His Kingdom], you now declare yourself to be a Son of the Kingdom,” Jaime said. “I realized that for the Sons to be revealed. Sons must get out of Babylon. In Isaiah [52:11], we are told depart from [there]. ‘Touch no unclean thing’…come out pure!”

[God’s] Sons and Daughters are called to be depart from the ways of the world even though they live in it. We need the Holy Spirit to enable us in this.”

Sons and Daughters are Called to the Marketplace

Your Identity is In Christ – Not In Your Business

Jaime continued to share her  dramatic experiences in following God’s directions in the marketplace.

“When I quit my job, it was a leap in the dark. It’s not just the money [I let go of], it’s also the stature, the reputation [a job] lends you. In Singapore, we are so employer dependent. Everything hinges on who we are, and who we work for. But [as a Son of the Kingdom], you no longer depend on connections and successful people, you really depend on God.”

Then she smiled at us, the radiance on her face speaking of the peace she found. “You are who God calls you to be.”

At the present, Jaime Teong is working again in a company that advises entrepreneurs. She has had personal experiences in training “Sons of the Kingdom” to do business for God, and the results have been tremendous in blessing others as integrity is upheld.

The World Is Waiting for The Sons of God in The Marketplace

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted
 to proclaim freedom for the captives  and release from darkness for the prisoners
Isaiah 61:1

Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down. The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him. He began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”
Luke 4:20-21

“When we take on the call of Isaiah 61, we are arresting corruption in the lives of people. We are called to release people from the prison; to exchange their garments of sadness into praise. “ Jaime Teong said. “As Jesus entered into His ministry, He read Isaiah 61 and then scrolled it up, returning it to the scribe. And He said, ‘Today you see it fulfilled. It is here. It is me. I am the fulfillment of Isaiah 61’. Jesus is the firstborn, and we are the adopted Sons and Daughters who have inherited His commission and authority.”

At this, Jaime speaks with authority, like a general who has lived through campaigns for the Kingdom. She cites the Bible—the scroll including her marching orders, and the marching orders of all other businessmen and missionaries.

“Now, we take the scroll, read our Isaiah 61, fold it up, and declare it. ‘This is the fulfillment. I am now the fulfillment of the living Word. All the acts of Isaiah 61 is fulfilled in me.’

His Sons and Daughters now carry His name. They receive the same inheritance, the same mission. And they can declare in faith, “This is my inheritance as a Son of the Kingdom. This is my legacy that Jesus has given me.”

We have a legacy as Sons and Daughters

Take Part in Your Father’s Business

To the businessman and/or missionary reading this, perhaps you’ve struggled with choosing a path, but know now that you are in the marketplace for a reason. Take up your mantle and do your part in being involved with Your Heavenly Father’s Business.

He has delegated power and authority to you to manifest His Kingdom on earth.


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