Love Letters to China

Mechanics for Love Letters to China:

  • Fill up the form you see here. Please note that once you fill up the form, you will automatically be included in the subscription list of One Voice Magazine. You will receive regular magazine updates via email as this letter campaign is only open to our subscribers/readers.
  • Write your message/ love letter in the space provided in the form. Please note that we will send your message electronically to our Chinese brethren. A Mandarin translation of your message will be made, so please let your message be short and meaningful (not more than three sentences).
  • You will receive a message from us saying that your letter has been received by the One Voice Magazine team. We will send your message to China.
  • If someone from our Chinese contacts replies to your message, you will receive a notice in your email containing this reply.

Guidelines for your love letter:

  • Please remember that the purpose of these love letters is to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in China, especially since they have been quarantined and isolated due to the coronavirus.
  • Please do NOT write anything that will blame the Chinese for the coronavirus.
  • Please do NOT write anything against the Chinese government since this is not the place to air your political and social grievances.
  • You can write prayers, encouragement, and messages of support and love— anything that will strengthen our Christian brethren in this difficult time.

Thank you very much for taking the time to stand in unity with the believers in China! Let us continue to uphold them in prayer.