The story of Pia and Jonathan Rapusas
As told to Rheyn Altoveros

What would you do if you found out you were pregnant on the same day you were to give birth? Sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie? No, this is a real story. My name is Pia, and my husband and I share a story of freedom from barrenness.

Our Marriage

It was December 19, 2012, when my husband and I got married. We had so many dreams and plans for our family. We served God and became faithful in whatever assignment He gave us.

Jonathan and Pia during their wedding and in one of their travels.

Jonathan is a web developer, while I work as a product development manager for a certain brand. Like many other couples, we desired and prayed to have a child. However, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It’s a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. When you have PCOS, you produce higher-than normal amounts of male hormones. Such a hormonal imbalance results in irregular menstrual periods and makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. This condition made it hard for us to conceive.

Still, we never blamed God. We believed that He would have His ways, but we also knew we had to do something on our part. I tried to exercise and go on a diet, but nothing happened. We were growing impatient. We felt frustrated, but we did not let go of His promise.

During our prayer and fasting in 2014, I was crying before the Lord. I told Him, “I want to have a child.” I heard a very clear, audible voice: “Pia, you will have a son. You will name him Isaiah.” I was so happy that time. I knew God would do it.

But it took seven long years of waiting! Then one day, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, a surprise from Heaven shocked us all. We had a baby.

Our Miracle

On May 6, 2020, I experienced abdominal pain, but I thought it was just severe dysmenorrhea. I even vomited several times. I had an online consultation with a doctor who gave me a prescription. On May 7, we were able to buy the medicine, and I took it. It relieved the vomiting, but not the pain.

One of our friends then told us I might be pregnant. So, on May 8, I took a home pregnancy test twice, and the results came out positive. We were overjoyed! We shared the news with family and friends, and they were all so happy for us. However, I was still in pain, so we decided to risk going to the Emergency Room (ER). We also thought of consulting the ob-gyn to know what we should do next in our pregnancy journey. At  the ER, I was asked to take another pregnancy test, which came back positive again. They sent us to the ob-gyn ward.

We didn’t know that our first ob-gyn consultation would cause a commotion with the hospital staff. The doctor told me, “Ma’am, ulo na po ang nakakapa ko.” The department head told me that I was in labor. I was 38 weeks pregnant and about to give birth! I was really shocked! Hours earlier, I was just so happy to become pregnant, and then, suddenly, I was about to give birth!

My husband also got the shock of his life when he found out that I was ready to give birth. We had nothing–no baby clothes, no diapers, no mittens and booties. The doctor gave us only two options: transfer to another hospital or give birth right now. Thankfully, God gave me peace to stay. He assured me that He was with me. We didn’t understand what was happening, but we prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

Jonathan and Pia with their newborn son.

It was the afternoon of May 8, 2020, when our son, Isaiah David, was born. We were overjoyed. The long years of waiting ended. God fulfilled His promise to us.

What happened to us is called “cryptic pregnancy.” It commonly happens to women with PCOS. We completely missed any pregnancy symptoms. I didn’t even know I was pregnant. Everything was normal. I am a big girl, so I didn’t notice anything different. It never occurred to me that I was pregnant.

The Miracle Giver

Our journey to parenthood may be different, but being instant parents is one of the best feelings in the world. We will never exchange it for anything else. It’s a testament of God’s faithfulness.

Isaiah with his parents and on his first birthday.

Indeed, if you pray, you’ll be amazed at how God will answer. Even if you think He is doing nothing, you will be surprised because He is doing something better. It can be more than what you’re expecting. And He fulfils His promise at His perfect time, not on our timeline. He has never been late in answering our prayers. He is always on time.

When we position our hearts to receive from Him, miracles can happen. When we allow God to work in our life, we will see that He is a faithful Dad. He is full of surprises and wonders for His children.

Pia and Jonathan Rapusas

Jonathan and Pia love traveling and exploring places and cultures. They are both serving the Lord with their brethren in Destiny Ministries International Metro, as part of the worship team. Pia is also leading the finance team, while Jon is part of the media team. Together, they are raising a worldchanger, a miracle from heaven named Isaiah.

Rheyn is an agriculturist and an aspiring best-selling author who is passionate about seeing the youth following Jesus. She comes alive when sharing His Word and teaching people about prayers. She is married to a wonderful man named Pau and totally in love with their firstborn, Fave.