There I was, invited to attend the 10th Anniversary of the Kachin Refugee Learning Centre. Tears streamed down my face as I witnessed batch after batch of students coming onstage to perform. I silently prayed to God and told Him that it would be impossible for me to further this ministry if I didn’t have the joy of sharing it with my wife, Emily.

It was a miracle being in this situation as just eight years prior, my life was a complete mess. I lost more than a decade of my life to two shipwrecked relationships and got myself tangled into a complicated one. I was quite sure my heart was dead to anyone else, and singlehood was the only way to go. Besides, by this time, I was just under forty years old! My dreams of ever being married faded, and I became obstinate without the desire to romance anyone with a bunch of flowers. But God knew better.


It was while I was in this state that two people from church inquired over lunch about my desire for marriage and suggested that I write down a list of traits I wanted for a wife. I told them I refused to put God in a box! I suggested they leave me alone. Shortly within the span of a month, I was on the way to work with a couple of colleagues, and we had a very similar conversation!

That weekend, I was unable to dismiss the coincidence of the dual conversations which ended in the same conclusion—to write a list of traits. If there was one thing I had learned over the years, it’s that “obedience is better than sacrifice.”

If God was speaking, it was better to obey!

And so, I began listing the traits I desired in a wife. Not knowing where to start, I prayed and picked up my Bible, searching Proverbs 31 for guidelines.


As I listed out the points that jumped out from Proverbs 31, my heart began to pound, and I felt drawn to a particular colleague whom I barely knew in the last six months.

I realized then that God, my matchmaker, was orchestrating His plan.

Little did I know that God had His own conversation with Emily, and she had prayed a very simple prayer. She prayed that if I was the one for her, then the door would be kept open or else, it would be closed.

Along with further private confirmations from other members from the church, Emily and I were soon married on the date of the Jewish celebration, the Feast of Tabernacles, in 2011.

Our Life Together

Today, Emily is my wife. She is my best ministry partner, perfect Ezer  and truest friend, one who willingly explores the frontiers of God’s purposes with me.

In the end, Emily declined 9AM-to-5PM job opportunities and took up the challenge to walk by faith alongside me in the ministry. We now stand together amazed at what God can do with a couple surrendered to Him, thriving together in His work.

It is truly wonderful to have a God who nudges us into His perfect plan. He is indeed the perfect matchmaker and keeper of His promises.

Seah Min Aun

Rev. Seah Min Aun & Rev. Emily Seah are worshipers at heart and founders of Lemuel Ministries c/o The Oikos Fellowship. With a vision based on Proverbs 31:8-9, Lemuel Ministries acts to defend the rights of the afflicted, the needy, and those who cannot speak for themselves by supporting missionaries in the field, primarily through prayer and by being a supply arm of the Lord. The ministry is a channel of blessing and an essential expression of true worship.