Everybody is given a second chance in life. I also had mine. Five years ago, I resigned from work as a high school English teacher. I wanted to divert my attention to other things except teaching. I needed to focus on my graduate studies since I had a scholarship grant.  I told myself that teaching does not just exist in the four corners of the classroom. I worked as an online English teacher and in-house tutor for Koreans. It was something new, and there were lots of adjustments. I became too idealistic. I thought of the job as an industry rather than an educational institution. I thought this job was not for me, so I quit.

I was looking for life’s meaning. I did not know where I was going. I just prayed in the silence of my heart and lifted everything to God. Little did I know that God called me for a bigger mission, and that was to be part of the Adult Night High School community of La Salle Green Hills.

This community is composed of adult learners struggling to finish high school. They do not mind poverty as a hindrance for them to achieve their dreams. They may have little in their pockets, but they have big aspirations, believing that education can help save them from poverty. I was challenged to be a better educator because of what I witnessed. I realized that God gave me so much so that I could share what I have to those who need me.

Being in the ANHS made me appreciate more the mission God has given me. I consider it a blessing to serve my countrymen through my simple acts of service. I do not say that teaching is a bed of roses. There are times when I also get frustrated. I ask myself what I have done wrong when I have given my all, and I still failed. But God has His ways of directing me to my core and letting me see things in a different perspective. I learned to humble myself. I know I have limitations. But these should not limit me to give my best and to continue loving the mission and the people He has entrusted to me.

This I believe is the meaning of my life, a calling that needs to be loved with passion.  I consider this experience as a celebration of my faith and love for God and a manifestation of His love for me. I owe it to the people, events, and opportunities sent by God as instruments that helped shape my very being. When I cannot contain my happiness anymore, I just sit on a corner, bow my head, and whisper to Him. “Thank you, Lord for your undying love. To You I offer my life.”

By Bernadette P. Nolasco