If you think you’ve completely lost the creativity you had during childhood, your dreams prove otherwise. In dreams, you journey to distant or strange places and create amazing stories, most of which you forget in the morning.

When you dream, you do things you would never do in real life. You might see animals or loved ones that died years ago, or you may find yourself endlessly looking for something.

Also, the dreams of the poor are just as fantastic as any rich person because their journey has no price. Dreams are given freely to all of us.

The Physical Need for Sleep & Dreams

When you sleep, you totally depart from the real world and enter another realm. It is as if you died. But no, you don’t die. In fact, upon waking, you find your fatigue evaporated, your body rejuvenated, and your joints relaxed. Scientists have discovered that not only is your body recharged when you dream, but your mind and emotions have somewhat reset themselves.

Even though we rarely remember our own dreams, it is known, without controversy, that all of us dream every single night. As experiments have shown, if we are prevented from dreaming, we quickly become crazy people. For some reason, we must dream to stay sane. What is controversial is knowing precisely how dreaming contributes to our sanity. Whether our dreams help us make sense of life, make connections with new events, categorize details, vent true emotions, reveal ourselves to ourselves, or defrag, ultimately dreaming is an incredibly critical part of our health.

Having written hundreds and hundreds of articles and several books on how nature’s genius exceeds man’s intellect, here is a truth: throughout nature, peculiarities and details all have a purpose.

What an outrageous, creative, and obscure invention dreaming is!

I am glad my life is not one straight conscious duration but instead, interrupted every day with an end of the day, a closing of a chapter, a settling time. The necessary and required pause and escape from all that concerns me is something I now appreciate. It is my shutdown and rebooting with something of a clean slate daily.

The Blessing of Rest

God’s mercies are new every morning. This is the day the Lord has made. We are in sync with an orbiting planet queuing us with dark and light to stop, defrag, rest, and reboot afresh.

Moses said in Psalm 90, “Teach us to number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

What kind of fantastic imagination can invent such a thing as dreaming simultaneous with a good night’s rest, in sync with the turn of our planet, and then showing us a resurrection every morning?

Any guesses?

Samuel Alibrando

Samuel J. Alibrando is a music composer and the author of ​Nature Never Stops Talking​: ​The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature,  Christians in the Arena: Stepping into the Arenas of Leadership​, ​Brain Stirring and Inspiring​, and others. He has authored, produced, and recorded more than one thousand 2-minute “Nature Narrations” radio segments broadcast nationwide through 97.8FM, The Masters Touch. His music, books, blog, and other downloads are available at www.Bestchapter.com