I was cooking tinola (chicken and green papaya stew), while the news was running through television. Everything I heard was virus-related.

Probably to stop me from soaking in all the negativity from the news, the Lord gave me an impression. He reminded me of COMMUNION.

The Old Testament tells us the story of the Passover lamb. When the blood of the lamb was on the doorpost of the Jewish houses during the night of Egypt’s last plague, the spirit of death passed over them, sparing the Jews. The New Testament depicts Jesus as the Passover Lamb Who, through His blood, gave us life. He died as payment for our sins and in so doing, granted eternal life to whoever believes in Him.

When we take communion, we are remembering Jesus’ blood on the cross, which gives us life.

Ok, so now what? You might ask.

Being a medical professional, one of the countermeasures that we do to strengthen our immune system is to take daily supplements, particularly Vitamin C.

This got me thinking: if we can take Vitamin C every day, then why can’t we take communion every day as well? It says in the Bible that we can take communion as often as we want. It is not only the clergy who can administer it, but also ordinary believers because we are a royal priesthood (1 Pet 2:9).

You may wonder how taking communion will help us in the battle with CoViD-19. Let me share my testimony.

A few years ago, I was very ill from a compounded type of pulmonary sickness. I went to the doctor and was given strong antibiotics. I took the prescribed medicines, but even after a week, I was still not getting well. I became frustrated— so much so that I tried herbal medicine. My condition did not improve. Furthermore, the herbal medicine had a side effect on me, so I discontinued using it.

With pharmaceutical and herbal medicine failing to improve my condition, I decided to take my sickness to God in prayer.

God led me to the truth and power of healing in communion; the same communion I would partake at church, and whenever I was sick, and whenever other people were sick. I read a testimony by Beni Johnson about people receiving healing through communion, so I took this as confirmation of what I had to do next.

So for 7 days, I took communion at home consistently. Praise be to God, I got healed. Hallelujah to Jesus!

I am not saying that we shouldn’t go to medical personnel. Neither am I saying that we don’t take practical steps to prevent the virus from spreading. What I am saying is that while we consult medical personnel, we ultimately go to and trust the Great Physician and Specialist Himself, Jesus Christ. We overcome by His blood! There is power in Jesus’ name!

As you take communion in your own respective homes, let this gesture deepen our understanding of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us. Invite His presence into your homes and into your lives. Watch Him do wonders.

Rommel Agustin

Rommel Agustin is the husband of a beautiful wife, father of two, pastor, PNP life coach, and a licensed Physical Therapist.