PRODIGAL, COME HOME. He is the forgotten face, the man without family, the man behind bars. Whatever he’s done, our Father’s heart longs for him, and so must ours. Family isn’t family unless we make room for the prodigals to come home.

The custodial facilities for inmates or Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) have bloated in this pandemic season. COVID-19 restrictions hinder family members of PDL from visiting them and giving them supplies. One Voice Magazine, in partnership with UPRising Philippines, HELP International CMC Philippines, Pag-ibig Christian Ministries, Aizel Store, and media partners UCAP Radio and Light TV-God’s Channel of Blessings, invites you to PARTICIPATE IN BIYAYANG BITBIT where you can buy groceries and other goods via mobile phone for the PDL held in the custodial facilities of Cainta and Manila (Precinct 7).

Simply check out these posters for these goods and:

1) Choose the groceries/ goods you want to buy from our list (see poster #4).

2)  Inform us of these goods by texting Hanna at 09274606604.

3) Pay for them via GCash at 09476239084. If you’re abroad, you can send the funds through Paypal.

Quick and easy! We’ll make sure the goods reach the PDL at the Cainta Custodial Facility and the Manila Custodial Facility (Precinct 7). Deadline to buy these goods is on August 30, 2021. Your kindness in giving will be part of visits where the Gospel is proclaimed and given action.

“I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.” –Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:36

For questions or concerns, please text Hanna Garcia at 09274606604.