Interview by One Voice Magazine
Words by Katherine Asis

Meeting the God Who Heals

Bee Choo had endured kidney stones for some time, but neither medical protocol nor the usual prayers from Taoist monks alleviated the excruciating pain she went through every day.  Out of deep concern, Bee Choo’s sister gave her pills she thought would flush out the kidney stones. Rather than healing her, the pills caused Bee Choo to lose her breath. The doctors at the hospital noted that she was turning blue. She was at the brink of death.  Bee Choo cried out to the Lord, and she felt the Holy Spirit pour resurrection life back into her body.

It turned out that Bee Choo’s sister had been secretly praying to Jesus for her salvation. As Bee Choo surrendered her life to God, she sensed the Holy Spirit and Jesus becoming so real to her. Her physical life and spiritual life were renewed simultaneously.  Her life was restored.

The pain left, and doctors could no longer find the kidney stones in her succeeding body scans.

“I met the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all at once when I encountered God on that hospital bed, “ she recounts. “I know Jesus is the only way to God the Father, so every time I have a problem, I learned to call on Jesus for help.”

Bee Choo Recounts Her Medical Miracle

Sharing the God Who Blesses

Since becoming a Christian two years ago, Bee Choo has been discipled by “a friend of a friend” of Pastor Gerry Seow from the Geylang Bless God Church.  Pastor Gerry, who himself has a prophetic call to the nations, once challenged this friend’s Bible study group by asking: “With what little resources I have, how can I glorify God by responding to the needs of my community?”

God began putting dreams in Bee Choo’s heart—His dreams for the people around her. To make God’s love felt by strangers throughout the nations became Bee Choo’s new life pursuit.

Bee Choo’s journey of faith is an example of simple obedience and immediate action.  Her feet and hands have obeyed the Lord into other countries. In Malaysia, she gives groceries regularly to orphanages and other needy communities.  Her feet brought her to Pulau Ubin Island, a forested island near Singapore’s mainland. Here, she keeps a house that welcomes Christian missionary visitors to the area.  Her tiny home may not have 5-star accommodations (the toilet is a hole that shoots contents directly into the ocean), but it doesn’t stop her from practicing genuine hospitality in Jesus’ name.

Pulau Ubin

Her simple faith extends to her bread and butter: a rental fleet of 500 bicycles. God prospered her business from an initial start-up fleet of 26 bikes. Soon, Bee Choo found herself with a surplus of bikes in good condition and was compelled to donate some of them.  Again, she simply asked the Lord how her excess bicycle supply could be an opportunity to bless others, particularly the poor.

Bee Choo Donated 80 Bicycles to  Las Piñas City, Philippines

Touching the Philippines

God answered her prayer by connecting her to two other believers, Min Aun and Emily Seah, founders of Lemuel Ministries, who had been given instructions from God to create connections and channel resources and livelihood training between Singapore and the poor of surrounding Asian countries. Through Pastor Gerry Seow, Min and Emily got in touch with Give Jesus Ministries, whose founders, Jehri and Katherine Asis, act upon a similar instruction from the Lord to meet the needs of a squatter community in Las Piñas, Metro Manila.  In turn, Jehri and Katherine networked with two slum-based congregations within Las Pinas: the Ugnayan Church, led by Pastor Lito Parole, and the Lord’s Christian Circle, led by Pastor Roy Carandang.  Bee Choo may have never set foot in the Philippines, nor has she personally spoken to any of the Philippine connections, but through other believers’ obedient feet, 80 of her bicycles have been shipped to Las Piñas, and are now being used by indigent breadwinners for livelihood, students for transport to school, and by the elderly to keep healthy and active.

Bee Choo, now 49 years old, continues to make good her resolution, “Since You resurrected me from the dead, all I have belongs to You from now on. Use me as You please.”  She may be a simple lady with simple resources in her hands, but Bee Choo has allowed God to use all she has for maximum impact wherever He has asked her to go. She continues to be a vessel who bears God’s dreams for others.

Katherine Asis

Katherine Asis is a classical pianist, singer, and music educator who has been asked by God to give up her career to raise five Godly kids into warriors, to support her husband Jehri's Kingdom assignments, and to show God's love, mercy, and justice by providing indigent communities with strategic and holistic development support.