Clara speaks:
Sometimes dreams come in the form of an unwritten message that tells you things you’re destined for.

For three nights in a row, I had a futuristic dream. It was somewhat like those romantic movies you see where a guy proposes to a girl and they live their lives together. It just so happened that in this dream, I was the girl and the guy was someone I knew from our church. In the dream, he proposed to me. I knew that this dream was from God, and so I said:

“Lord I will not help You out in this situation. You’re the One who gave me the dream. You do it for me.”

This statement came out of my lips like a prayer. The man I dreamt of was engaged to someone else. I did not tell any soul about the dream. However, I prayed for it. And yes, I prayed for him!

Life went along its merry way, and I was given the opportunity to go to the United States to work as a nurse. I still carried the memory of the dream with me – in fact, it was always with me. I knew and was certain within the deepest corners of my heart that it was God who gave me this dream. Oh, I did not think about it all the time, but it crossed my mind now and then. Without of a shadow of a doubt, I knew it would happen.

Then came the day when I found out that the man’s wedding had been canceled. His engagement was called off.

After some time, I went back to the Philippines.

How Clara Met Jun
We met at church. I was from Tacloban. The brother of the owner of my boarding house was one of the pastors at the Christian Renewal Center. At that time, I was already a believer in Jesus; hence, I attended their church. He was from Makati and was invited by our senior pastor to attend for training purposes.

The Christian Renewal Center was originally a training center for Christians before it became a church. We were in the same church, but we were more like acquaintances. Peer-accountability in our church was strong. We did not go out exclusively with someone of the opposite sex; we always went out in groups. Also, we always tried to correct each other if we needed to address any issues. We always found a way to work differences out.

Jun speaks:
I was in a relationship, but it was going too fast– too fast that it seemed my then-fiancée and I became strangers to each other. Yet we wore the “relationship together” label.

This lady was a new attendee at church, and one of my friends introduced me to her during one of our prayer meetings in Quezon City. Even though she was from Guadalupe, Makati, she would still attend despite the distance. Normally, since our prayer meetings ended very late at night, our pastor would ask me to take her home since I also lived in Makati. This started the travel-home conversations and the beginning of our relationship.

After some time, our relationship deepened. We became a couple and almost immediately got engaged. However, some of the people at church noticed that it seemed that my fiancée would only attend our church services because she was in a relationship with me! This got me into re-thinking the situation. My closest friend had to help me out.

This friend of mine asked me to reconsider my decision of marrying the woman. He said that it seemed like she and I weren’t equally yoked, especially regarding ministry and walking with the Lord.

It was a tough decision to make, but I took my friend’s advice. I called for a “break” with my fiancée to allow me to consider everything thoroughly. It was then that I recognized that she was trying to control our relationship all along— even though we were on “break” mode. I saw through her tendencies. I talked to her parents, sincerely apologized, and informed them that the wedding was off. It was a hard thing to do, as I was emotionally attached to her.

Then as if by coincidence, my green card arrived from the United States Embassy, allowing me to take the opportunity to go to the U.S. It felt like the start of a new chapter in my life.

The day I turned 30 years old was a turning point in my life because I knew I wanted to settle down. It was also at this time that I knew my heart had already healed from my previous relationship. This led me into thinking that I was ready to love again. I asked a leader from our church if there was someone whom I could probably date. He recommended Clara.

It was just a random recommendation, but it led me to the one I knew I was destined to be with for the rest of my life.

Clara and I— we went out on a group date. The first impression about her that stayed with me was that she was deep and strong in the Word of God. On our first date, there was something in me that knew she was the one.

After that first date, life still went on, and then I eventually flew to the United States. However, my heart was left with Clara. We wrote to each other frequently, and I felt that communicating with her was too precious not to do.

This was the same reason why I felt the desire in my bones to go back to the Philippines—that, or ask her to come to the U.S. to be with me. However, for a certain period of time, we broke up. We took a break from our relationship because we realized that we needed it. Being together, whether in the Philippines or in the United States–was a huge decision to make, especially since my whole family lived in the states. I felt that if I decided to come home to the Philippines to see Clara, it would have been an emotionally based decision.

Clara speaks:
I prayed, “Lord, You came here on earth for Your Bride, and I also want my future husband to come to me.”

As Jun and I went deeper in our relationship, his father offered to pay for all of the expenses needed for me to process my papers and go to the United States. However, I knew in my heart that my calling was here in the Philippines.

Jun speaks:
After our two-month break, I still couldn’t decide if I wanted to go back to the Philippines. During that time, the Philippines was a hot topic in the news because of martial law, but I felt I had my calling in The Philippines.

It may have been like a dream, one I experienced awake, but during one of the events at church, a visiting pastor pointed me out and gave me a prophetic word:

“You in the black suit, God is telling you to go back to the Philippines.”

After hearing this, my decision was set. I went back to the Philippines.


Clara speaks:
Soon after Jun came back to the Philippines, we got married. It was during our honeymoon that I told him about the dream I had from God.

As we look back on those days, we realize that we were just a missing piece of each other. We found one another and now are husband and wife for thirty-three years and parents of two beautiful daughters.

About Jun and Clara Viado
Jun and Clara Viado are the founding and Senior Pastors of Jesus Heartline Gospel Mission Church, a community church in Bacoor, Cavite. They currently live with their two daughters and one cat. Their heart is for families and missions.

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