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The Stuff of DREAMS

The Stuff of DREAMS

Dreams. When we were little, we were filled with them. Whether we wanted to be an airline pilot, a soldier, a singer, a chef, a truck driver, or a garbage collector, we came alive when we spoke about the future versions of us or the future things we’d accomplish. It...

Backstage No More

Backstage No More

Have you ever thought of how your parents came up with your name? People usually call me “Aiah,” but my real name is nothing close to it. I’d like to share the story of how I came to appreciate my real name more. And then maybe, I shall reveal my real name at the end...

Bee Choo and Her Bicycles of Blessing

Bee Choo and Her Bicycles of Blessing

“Since You resurrected me from the dead, all I have belongs to You from now on.”
Find out how God turned a simple bicycle business into a Kingdom business in Bee Choo’s story. It is a beautiful testimony of healing from illness and of hearing from the Lord that will bring courage and strength to tired and weary souls.

Ministry or Business? Part 2

Ministry or Business? Part 2

The Testimony and Insights of Powerhouse Business Couple Peter and Jaime Teong Words by Nicole Gusto Editor’s note: Earlier this month, we released Part 1 of this article where Peter Teong’s thoughts on business and ministry were revealed. For Part 2, his wife, Jaime...

A Modern-Day Mabini

As an officer in the Special Operations Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Captain Sharco Mabini’s days may seem dulled down by routine, but to a non-soldier’s eyes, his days are nothing short of inspiring. In his 14 years of service, his daily grind is...

Captain Naomi Braza: The Supplier of Heroes to Marawi

We continue our series on “Fighting for Marawi: Soldiers Who Dare to Dream” as we honor the life and accomplishments of Captain Naomi Braza, a woman thrust into the inner workings of war as she works to uphold integrity and excellence in the military. CAPTAIN NAOMI...

The Marawi Siege—from a Commander’s Viewpoint

We start our series on “Fighting for Marawi: Soldiers Who Dare to Dream” by delving into the story of Captain Aris Gerero. Read on to relive the war through his eyes. Discover the deadliest risks in war and the priceless gains it has given the multi-awarded captain....

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