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Glory in Our Cities

Glory in Our Cities

If God visited your city, what would you do? Would you hide underneath your blanket? Would you rush out of your house and search for Him? And if you did see Him, would you rush up to Him and embrace Him? Or would you sob with shame in a corner? I wonder if you have...

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Beyond Oakwood (An Excerpt)

Beyond Oakwood (An Excerpt)

Divine Light in Dark Places The precious years I spent at CMU paved the way for a stronger foundation where the prospect of a better life was not just possible but assured. The renewing of my mind brought about by the transforming power of the Word of God was my...

Faithful to Covenant

Faithful to Covenant

“I thank God you are my wife. I thank God for our marriage. I will be faithful to you.” How these words made my heart flutter whenever I heard them! During the early days of my marriage, I felt like the luckiest woman on earth. I was madly in love with my husband, and...

Don’t Give Up When Breakthrough is Slow

Don’t Give Up When Breakthrough is Slow

Breakthrough. What part of your life do you need breakthrough in right now? For me, I’d love some breakthroughs in my relationships. I’d love some breakthroughs in my work projects. I’d love some breakthroughs in my health. And by God’s grace, I’ve been seeing some....

The Soldiers’ Tale

I will never complain about a bad day at work ever in my life again. At least not until I join the army. To compare your worst day at work with their worst day at work is just unbelievable. Everyone has bad days, but if you happen to be part of the Armed Forces of the...

Mentored in the Anthurium Garden

I was five. I was painting with a man in the middle of an anthurium garden. Birds were chirping while the sun drew circles of light on our skin as it peered through the leaves of the tree we were under. We sat on pots and started sketching. That moment was imprinted...

Breathe, Praise, and Live

I must have played Cops and Robbers a dozen times as a kid, but one particular game stands out in my mind as the most memorable. It is still quite vivid. I was in the robbers’ team, and I was waiting for the opening I needed to leave the base and rescue my fellow...

Ito Ang Digmaan

Ang daming beses ko nang sinabi sa langit na susuko na ako. Hindi ko na kaya. Hindi ko na magagawang kunin ang responsibilidad na binigay ng Diyos sa’kin. Masyadong mabigat. Masyadong mahirap. Ito ang digmaang minsang ko nang tinakasan at ngayo’y muling sinusuong. --...

The Girl with the Drumsticks

Being a girl and playing the drums is not usual. For a girl to be part of a band, my journey was not easy. I was constantly intimidated by men because of how they played and looked at me. I also think that men have more flexibility and swiftness in playing an...

Listening to the Voice

There is a fondness that comes with the beauty of Bohol – the clear beaches with their colorful fish, the famous chocolate hills, the tiny brown tarsiers clinging to trees, the river rides...  I had heard so much, so I wrote Bohol in my bucket list of places to visit....

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