Martha’s Home’s nondescript façade belies its 1,500 sprawling
interior. It is conveniently situated inside B.F. Homes near supermarkets, hospitals and restaurants.

Coping with the care of the elderly can sometimes be hard on a family. The quality of care that a family is prepared to give an elderly member most of the time is dependent on time, resources, available manpower and space, competence for special care and patience threshold. More often, because of limitations, baseline requirements for nutritional, psychological and medical conditions of an elderly family member are not met. If you are one that seeks a hospice to help you with the care of your elderly family member or friend, either on a day-care basis or on a live-in basis, Martha’s Home, a newly opened assistedliving and elderly care facility in B.F. Homes is the place to visit. Its modest but comfortable facilities inside a well-secured village are set in a 1,500 square meter lot that boasts of a large shaded garden and terrace where enrolled occupants can rest, stroll or take part in activities. Martha’s Home is right across the Presentation of the Child Jesus church and is 15 minutes from two nearby hospitals located in Sucat and Muntinlupa, respectively

A long-shot view of the Martha’s Home’s
large 500 sqm backyard where the elderly residents can convene for activities. A Catholic church complex is a few steps from the back gate of the hospice

Says Dr. Mae Corvera, General Manager of Martha’s Home, “Throughout my five years of being a home care physician, I have seen many elderly patients from sixty to ninety eight years of age, in various circumstances of care. Some live with their single son or daughter, others have no choice but to be blended with their children who have families of their own. There are those who live with their siblings, nieces, nephews or even close friends. All of these companions have been observed to offer different levels and quality of care, depending on the bond they have with the elderly person concerned. Quite clearly, the care given is dependent on available time, resources, living space, thresholds, competence and caregiver’s maturity. Also, among the many I have cared for, there is a special group. These are the elderly individuals or couples who either live alone or are left in the care of someone they have no affinity with: part time caregivers, too distant relatives, next door neighbors, nearby church people or even house helpers. One may begin to imagine the kind of care this special group may receive. I would just like to describe it as I have observed first hand: Their care often begins as quite commendable and sacrificial during the first year, but in time, apart from the exceptional handful who consistently care with compassion, the majority of these chance companions show a trend of care which, if unsupervised, sadly deteriorates to far-from-adequate and most often, regretful, making their elderly wards suffer the indignity of bad treatment.”

Such experience led her and another colleague to a sad and stark realization that indeed a growing portion of our working countrymen that have taken on highly demanding local jobs, or have joined the diaspora of Filipinos abroad, leave their aging parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents behind to care for themselves. Given the new urban culture that is evolving where families, because they have no choice, have less and less time available for an aging loved one, a retirement or nursing home should no longer be a far-fetched or impersonal option among Filipino families. As a matter of fact, it is a great alternative way of showing the aging loved one that they truly mean something to the family. Keeping their aging loved ones at “home” often “alone”, will no longer be the only alternative a family has when faced with the care of an elderly family member. Now, finally, at Martha’s Home, facilities, service and programs are available so that the elderly and special patients get quality care and a chance for social activities specially designed to keep them productive and happy. Martha’s Home is a big leap from traditional home care. It is the better option considering the hospice is professionally run by doctors and staffed with nurses, physical therapists and trained caregivers that can skillfully manage the lives of the elderly and give them the care they truly deserve.

Martha’s Home has a ramp and banisters installed inside the main area for the convenience of wheelchair residents.

The idea was born when two committed medical professional practitioners, each well established in their own field, formed an informal partnership in mid 2006 out of a common zeal to care for individuals limited by advanced age among their immediate community in the southern part of Manila. Each partner also saw the need for such specialized care in their respective workplaces, communities and even in their own family, thus hatching the concept for a facility designed to provide highly professional yet personalized assisted living service in a safe, comfortable and enriching environment guided by the challenge of creating a home-like atmosphere and where quality and holistic care are conveniently provided to those challenged by advanced age. Apart from this, the facility’s management and staff are to compassionately work side by side with their residents to attain and maintain utmost dignity and quality of life.

Not wanting to sacrifice quality for numbers, the founders decided to limit their accommodation to eight in-house residents in the initial operations, for whom full accommodations (room and board, laundry, maid service), 24-hour supervised care giving and rehabilitation therapy shall be given. Also, a Day Care Service for elderly who only need supervised care The living room area of Martha’s Home offers home-like amenities that are well-maintained, clean and comfortable. Martha’s Home has a ramp and banisters installed inside the main area for the convenience of wheelchair residents. There is a small library corner and receiving area for visiting family members and friends. Martha’s Home addresses the elderly’s need for rest, daily activity and appropriate recreation. Arrangements for room customization can also be done according to the family’s requirements. during the day is available. This is a boon to those families that have to go to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have no one to leave their elderly wards with. Included in both livein and day care packages are medical and nutritional monitoring, a recreation program, creative classes and facilities, home-cooked meals and merienda, newspapers, magazines, library books, home service salon (once a week), spiritual activities and an exercise program. Other service inclusions are transportation, health education, counseling (individual and family), community service training for voluntary work, and grocery day (the hospice will schedule this weekly for each resident and they will be free to come along to the grocery trip if they wish),

Today, all this is a reality in Martha’s Home.

Believing in an individuals’ right to dignity whenever and wherever possible, Martha’s Home is committed to provide an environment where residents, their families and the staff can be involved in decisions that affect the quality of their lives. Guided by its “3-H” maxim of “Providing Home-like Healthcare from the Heart for the elderly under one roof”, Martha’s Home offers paramount care to those who need caring most, at the time they need care the most.

With the care packages already well in place and the management eager to meet the needs of its immediate community, Martha’s Home will become the better choice for your loved ones in need of assisted living and elderly care. The doctors and staff at Martha’s Home fully understand and appreciate that the plight of the elderly (just like infancy, adolescence and adulthood) is just another of life’s phases that has its own requirements that must be properly addressed. For inquiries or Martha’s Home visitation and consultation, please call Dr. Mae Corvera at 0906- 9429427 or Dr. Jodd Lim at 0916-6468202. (Martha’s Home is located at 3185 Gov. A. Santos Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City.)

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